Super easy, quick to make, healthy ‘jaw’ popsicles.

Super easy & healthy 'jaw' popsicles!

Here’s a tip how to make super easy, healthy (and funny-looking) popsicles.
These are awesome if you want to smuggle some natural fruit sugars into your kids diet or if you have unexpected young guests.

popsicle jaw

Ok, I know, it looks slightly creepy (there’s something creepy about teeth, isn’t?). But still, I love it!
You can make any other shape (there’s Titanic & iceberg mold in the pic below). You can find plenty funny, kid-friendly molds online.

To do freeze pops, you will need: ice molds, wooden or plastic ice cream sticks, fruit fragments in juice.
You might need: scissors and straws. I didn’t have any ice cream sticks at home (Because I rarely have stuff that I need to complete any assignment. That’s just how I roll ;)), so I used plastic straws (they were surprisingly strong and fulfilled the mission).

healthy popsicles

All you need to do is fill the molds with juice and fruit fragments and leave them in a freezer for 2-3 hours.

healthy popsicles - mold

They are sweet and refreshing at the same time (and they don’t contain any nasty artificial flavours).

If you’re not a popsicle lover, you can skip the sticks/straws and simply use these ice blocks to flavour your water.
You can also use different shaped ice blocks to create underwater ‘scenes’ in a transparent bowl or pitcher. Kiddos will love that!

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