DIY nature’s art

In the 70′, an artist (unfortunately, I don’t remember his name) had an idea: to let nature paint pictures. He dipped tree twigs in ink, put blank pages underneath weeping willows’ branches and let the wind and twigs paint the pictures.

Well, I didn’t go that far, but I also used nature (leaves) as a tool to paint abstract pictures for my living room.
Here’s how I did that…

DIY nature's art


-few sheets of paper
-water based black paint (I used leftover chalkboard paint)
-painters tape
-small brush

I used painters tape to attach leaves to the sheet of paper, and then I simply painted all over the leaves and page (slapdash style!).

diy art-painting over leaves

I waited 10 seconds or so, and then I gently imprinted the pattern on two more pages .

leaving imprint

diy natures art - leaf imprint
I peeled off leaves and I left it all to dry.

diy natures art - leaf imprint
Also, I found these old, slightly damaged Ikea frames and decided to give them a new life.

I used Rustoleum spray paint .

frame redo

diy nature's art

tv corner

Hubby thinks it’s a 2 year old art, but I beg to differ :-D. Tell me what you think in the comments.






between naps on the porch




wow us wednesday



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