5 reasons to watch Fear The Walking Dead

5 reasons to watch fear the walking dead

Why to watch Fear The Walking Dead if you’re not a zombie fan?

1- It’s family oriented.
Yep, that’s true! It’s more about families than random survivors that find each other along the way. It is refreshing because we saw it other way around sooo many times. If you don’t like zombies, you may enjoy ‘family in the crisis situation’ bit. No heavy gore, machetes and stuff so far (Ep.2), just normal people trying to survive.

2 – Characters are real.
They are not ideal, they make lots of mistakes and questionable decision. Honestly, at this point they are simply annoying ( maybe except the lovely teacher/head of the household (?) and the sweet nerdy kid ), but I’ve got the feeling that’s all about to change…..

3 – It’s a slow burner.
The tension is rising slowly and it’s awesome!

4- It’s showing less glamorous side of L.A.
No 90210 and Hollywood Boulevard here!

5 – It’s absolutely terrifying.
Forget the zombies! Just imagine what would it be if there was no power for 2 weeks. No power means no water ….
Apart from reasons stated above, I also enjoy the fact that all the characters have pre-apocalypse morals, which makes the show, well… believable ( if we can even use that term in relation to zombie series. :))

Show airs every Sundayย at 9 p.m. ET. on AMC.





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6 Replies to “5 reasons to watch Fear The Walking Dead

    1. It’s a bit different. Zombies are, well, fresher ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everything it is very new to main characters. And the world around them is the world as we know it, so that’s a big difference. Dynamics between characters is very interesting, maybe even more interesting than in TWD.
      First season contains only 6 episodes. There will be accompanying 30 minutes series, it will be shown in parts during commercial breaks. I hope Fear the walking dead will be as popular as TWD, because it’s awesome ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for visiting Hil !

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