John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ inspired scary movies marathon

John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ inspired scary movies marathon.

'Halloween' inspired movies marathon

Fun Halloween idea. Scary movies marathon, inspired by John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ classic.

You might have noticed that in John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ there’s an awesome vintage movie marathon going on in the background! Here’s the list of all the movies that were on TV that fateful night.

Movies featured in ‘Halloween’ (1978):

The thing from another world (1951)

halloween 1978

Scene: Doyle residence: Laurie and Tommy are watching it on TV, while Tommy asks about boogeyman. Wallace residence: Little Lindsay watches it alone, while Annie is stuck in the laundry room.

Movie: It’s about American Air Force officials trying to deal with sinister alien organism of unknown origin. It’s taking place in the arctic. It’s based on John W. Campbell novella ‘Who goes there?’. Carpenter remade that movie in 1982 (The Thing).

Forbidden planet (1956)

halloween 1978

Scene: Tommy is trying to scare Lindsay. He hides behind the curtain while she’s watching the movie.
Laugh’s on him though, as he spots Michael carrying Annie’s corpse.

Movie: Spacecraft crew travels to the planet Altair IV, only to discover two survivors from the crew sent there years ago.

Movie featured in ‘Halloween 2’ (1981):

‘Night of the Living Dead’ (1968)

halloween 1981

Scene:  The elderly man is napping in front of the TV, while his wife is fixing him a sandwich. We can hear & see beginning of the movie being abruptly interrupted by the news bulletin. While elderly Lady pays the attention to the gruesome news from the neighborhood, Michael steals a butcher knife from the countertop in the kitchen.

Movie: It’s an absolute horror classic. It marked the beginning of zombies as we know them today.
It’s a public domain movie and you can watch it here.
The movie is about dead coming to life & searching for the human prey, while group of survivors takes refuge in an abandoned house.


Every time I watch ‘Halloween’, I hope that this time it will end differently (for the sake of poor victims ). 😉

Hope you’ll enjoy fun & scary movie marathons this season !



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4 Replies to “John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ inspired scary movies marathon

  1. My husband and kids love scary movies, really scary movies! I don’t even sit in the same room! LOL I have to sit with my hands over my eyes! I love suspenseful movies, just not all the blood and gore. Call me a baby! LOL Thanks for the list, I’m going to share it with them!

    1. That’s so true-some are just to gory to watch! First 2 are not that scary though. Back in the days maybe, today they’re PG 13 haha 😉
      But ‘Halloween’…. that’s a whole other story 😀

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