‘Frozen’ glitter Christmas pumpkin!

‘Frozen’ glitter Christmas pumpkin!

Cute and easy Christmas DIY idea.

'Frozen' glitter Christmas pumpkin


Paper towel, nail, silver spray, white acrylic paint, small pumpkin, plastic container, plastic/paper cup to use as a stand, brush, glitter

Please note that I used very small pumpkin:)

Instructions: carefully drive nail into the stem of a pumpkin.

drive nail into the stem of a pumpkin

Use nail to hold your squash. Rotate it slowly and spray it from top to bottom. Make sure it is evenly painted.

Use nail to hold your squash while spraying

  Leave it to dry. Make sure the paint has dried properly. Pour acrylic paint into the container (just enough to dip the pumpkin).

acrylic paint

Use paper towel to hold the pumpkin, as nail might not be strong enough for this part. I chose to dip the bottom of the squash, but it’s  entirely up to you. Use brush to spread the paint a bit, but make sure the paint layer is quite thick.

painting pumpkin

Sprinkle silver glitter all over the painted part. You might want to use plastic/paper cup as stand for that part. Leave it to dry for an hour or two and voila!

christmas pumpkin

Happy Crafting!

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