Pumpkin decorating ideas.

Pumpkin decorating ideas.

Creative pumpkin decorating ideas (without carving). 

Cheap to make and you can easily get your kids involved in decorating process:

*Gold sprayed pumpkin*

Sprayed pumpkin.


gold sprayed pumpkin

– golden spray
– pumpkin
– duct tape
– scissors
– fresh leaf (the fresher, the better)

Attach leaf to the pumpkin, using the duct tape (try use as less duct tape as possible).

gold sprayed pumpkin

You can spray all over the pumpkin or leave back and sides of the pumpkin orange. Leave it to dry for a bit.

gold sprayed pumpkin

Peel off the tape. Check for unsprayed spots and carefully spray them again. Leaf should cling on nicely, but you can use finger to hold it in the right place.

gold sprayed pumpkin

Leave it to dry. Use scissors to adjust the leaf pattern or scratch out text.

gold sprayed pumpkin

*Elegant, white ‘Leaf decoupage’ pumpkin*

Leaf Decoupage Pumpkin.

Supplies :

Pumpkin decorating ideas

-white pumpkin
-pva glue / mod podge
-fresh leaves
-scissors (to cut off the peduncles)

Spread pva glue all over the pumpkin, spread glue on the back of the leaves.

Pumpkin decorating ideas

Pumpkin decorating ideas

Attach leaves to the pumpkin, spread some more glue on top of the leaves. Check if glue is spread out evenly and if leaves cling on properly. Leave it to dry. You can add some more glue if you see leaves starting to stick out in places.

Leaf Decoupage Pumpkin.

Leaf Decoupage Pumpkin.

*Bow pumpkin*

Bow pumpkin.
Choose colorful bow (depending on your color theme this year) and simply tie your bow around the pumpkin. This one is great, because it doesn’t damage the pumpkin and you can eat it afterwards (yeah!).You can also add/ change your bows as you please to make it more suitable for individual holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving).

Happy crafting 🙂


Pumpkin decorating ideas.

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