DIY Marbleized Candle Holders

DIY Marbleized Candle Holders

How to marble glass with nail polish- tutorial.

DIY Marbleized Candle Holders


-small tumblers
-nail polish (few different colours)
-plastic container (deep enough to dip tumblers)
-lukewarm water


Pour lukewarm water into the container (enough to dip at least half of the tumbler). Pour few small drops of nail polish into the water. Layer forms on a water surface rather quickly, so add another color/colors straight away. Use toothpick to swirl colors around. Dunk your tumbler into the water. You can swirl it gently to make sure layer of nail polish sticks to the glass. You can dip either bottom or side of the tumbler. Leave tumbler to dry. Make sure it is completely dry.


-Don’t use quick dry nail polish.
-Don’t use more than few drops of nail polish as layer might get to thick.
-Pour nail polish straight from the bottle.
-If you see ugly remains of nail polish forming on the surface or if you plan to use different colors for every tumbler, dump the water & start fresh.

diy crafts

diy crafts

DIY Marbleized Candle Holders

DIY Marbleized Candle Holders

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DIY Marbleized Candle Holders How to marble glass with nail polish- tutorial

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12 Replies to “DIY Marbleized Candle Holders

  1. These are awesome! I could easily do this with my kids for a fun activity and they’d each have their own glass. I love how affordable and easy this diy is. Thanks!!

  2. These are lovely & such a simple idea! I must remember this – would be a good activity when kids are older I think! (Apologies if have commented twice – lost internet connection as pressed publish first time & not sure if it was submitted or not!) #WAYWOW

  3. Mila, these are so creative and right up my decor alley. Love clean fun decor that’s arty at the same time. Love that you can tailor this to the style of your home, or make them as gifts. So cool! And we have tons of nail polish here, teenage daughter LOL! Pinned to make later, want to be able to pull this up, and of course I wanted to share. What a fun project!!!

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