DIY Painted Cork Coasters

Easy DIY project. Make your own colorful coasters !

DIY Painted Cork Coasters

-cork coasters
-painters tape (2 or 3 different sizes)
– crafting paints (water based or acrylic, 3 or 4 colors)
-matte sealer

Cork Coasters DIY

Carefully tape off your coasters. Use different tape sizes and shapes (or add tape strips/use scissors) to create patterns you like. Paint spaces between tape strips using a thin layer of paint. Let it dry. You can add another layer of paint, but start with the thin one to avoid lumps. Make sure paint is dry, remove the tape, and finish it all off with matte sealer (to make coasters hot & moist resistant).

Cork Coasters DIY

Happy Crafting !


DIY Painted Cork Coasters



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Mila Myk

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6 Replies to “DIY Painted Cork Coasters

  1. Mila, I love cork coasters, I think cork is really, really cool. But these are exceptional! I love the colors you chose and the pattern with your stripes they’re very interesting. Eye catching and tons of fun to have on your coffee table. Great job.

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