How to create a gallery wall – tutorial.

How to create a gallery wall - tutorial white

Our gallery wall is finally ready. I framed my Granddad’s note sheets and created a very simple, vintage gallery wall. Don’t get me wrong, when I say ‘created’ I mean Hubster used the tools.
I’ve painted old thrift shop picture frames chalkboard black. Don’t you just love chalkboard black? The color is so rich!  Here are before & after snaps.

frames before and after

How to create a gallery wall

Step 1

Decide what art goes where. Create ‘test wall’ on the floor. Leave at least 3 inches between frames.
Measure total width and height of your ‘test’ wall, then measure individual frames and add space needed between them (3 inches minimum!). Make notes.

creating gallery wall

 Step 2

Now measure your actual wall and stick painters tape in places where your gallery will begin and end. You can tape it all the way from the beginning to the end (pic 1).
Stick painters tape strips in places where you want to hang pictures ( tape goes into the center of the frame). Use your measurements to make sure your frames will fit and there’ll be enough space between them (pic 2 and 3).

measurements gallery wall

If you have many frames in different shapes and sizes, you may want to create your whole wall using painter’s tape first (mark beginning and end of each frame). If you have similar frames – your notes and few tape strips should do (pictures above).

Step 3

Start with the biggest frame. Hang frames one by one. After hanging each and every frame, take a step back and see how it looks. It’s so much easier to correct any mistakes that way.
If you’re happy with the result, get rid of the tape.

How to create a gallery wall - tutorial.

And voila!

How to create a gallery wall- tutorial.

How to create a gallery wall- tutorial.

How to create a gallery wall - tutorial.

How to create a gallery wall - tutorial.

How to create a gallery wall - tutorial.
Creating gallery wall using this method takes time, but I think it’s worth it.
Dining corner is not ready yet. Table & chairs makeovers are on the way!

While creating the wall, we used advice from following posts/articles:

The guide to a well hung gallery wall from Emily Henderson

How to Hang a Gallery Wall the Right Way from Momtastic



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10 Replies to “How to create a gallery wall – tutorial.

  1. I love gallery walls! Yours looks great! We’re renting right now so I have to limit nail holes, but I might have to break down and make one in my office.

    1. I feel your pain. We weren’t allowed to change anything in our previous rentals. Now we’re renting too, but we are allowed to hang frames and redecorate. Previously, we used hanging strips from 3M Command- very handy, hole free method and they come in various sizes.

  2. I love how you broke it down and showed us how to do this successfully. LOL Without a ton of nail holes in the wall because I measured incorrectly.

    The prints are so cool, especially since they are a bit of your family history. They look great on the wall, eclectic and fun!

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