What to clean every day, every week, every month + free printables

How often you should clean everything in your house.
Daily, monthly and weekly cleaning schedule. When to replace common household items.

What to clean every day, every week, every month - schedule & free printables

What to clean every day, every week, every month + free cleaning planner printables. Tips and tricks + 4 everyday use things to replace every month.

Here are daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules to help you be up to date with all your chores. Just tick a chore when you’re done and you’ll never loose track of what has been done. Useful for busy moms.

What to clean every day:

-kitchen counters
-coffee table & dining room table
-floor (if you’ve got kiddos)

What to clean (or replace) every week:
-replace towels
-clean the floor/vacuum
-clean smartphone/cellphone,
-telephone (especially the receiver)
-your bag handle
-kitchen/bathroom cabinets door handles, fridge and washing machine door handle
-laptop / computer (especially: keyboard, mouse / pad)
– dish tray drainer

What to clean every month:

-kitchen cupboard doors
-behind the sofa
-under the bed
– oven / microwave
-picture and photo frames
-window and door frames
-bread bin

What to replace every month:

The key word is moist. These are very moisty on a daily basis, therefore they need to be replaced often.

– toothbrush
– kitchen sponge/ scourer
– bath sponge
– shaver/razor

Tip: You can sanitize your kitchen sponge in the microwave. First, squeeze all the water
out and then put sponge in the microwave for 5-10 seconds. Microwave on full power. You can sanitize your toothbrush, bath sponge and razer with boiling water.


Tips and tricks:

Even if you skip a clean or two, it won’t be noticeable or dangerous to your health if you normally do it on a regular basis. Every day clean should take no longer than 30 minutes (maybe longer if you have kiddos). Just squeeze every day clean wherever you can. It doesn’t have to be all at once. Break down all your chores into achievable chunks. You can also make each and every member of the family responsible for cleaning something every week/ every month/ everyday.

Benefits of regular cleaning are noticable, when there’s an emergency family visit or unexpected party to be organized. You don’t have to be bothered with cleaning the whole house, you just need to tidy up everyday mess.

Keep in mind that using too much chemicals is not good for your health. Simply use a duster, water or soapy water when you can. You can switch to organic products or make ecological cleaning products at home. Use heavy duty products as little as possible.


As for the printables: use new sheet every month. If you skip a clean for some reason, you’ll instantly know what’s been omitted and what to clean first during next month’s cleaning.It makes work so much more effective: you don’t repeat unnecessary steps, you always know where to start and how much more is to go.

On the bottom of each chore sheet, you’ll find ‘notes’ section. Make sure to make notes (for example: bulb needs to be replaced, buy sponges, pantry door needs oiling etc). It’s a great way to keep track of small repairs. Read your notes at the end of the day/week/month. Add notes from last day/week/month to your next month’s cleaning schedule (‘additional cleaning’ section).

Please head to my printables page to print your free cleaning schedules:

cleaning schedules Collage


Happy cleaning!


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  1. Love these! I can’t say I’m up to par with the daily cleaning, but the weekly and monthly are going to be so helpful for me now that I have a huge house to take care of. Thank you!

  2. Now that my children are older, thankfully the house does not get as dirty as it did when they were little. I find that my daily tasks pretty much consist of tidying up, doing dishes, and a little dusting. But your weekly and monthly cleaning tips are perfect for me. It’s nice to have this all together in one spot, and you are so right I love to see a check mark on a to-do list. Thanks for putting this all together.

  3. I need to keep a list similar to this for weekly, monthly and yearly tasks because I lose track. It always helps to have it listed out so I can check it off. Thanks for sharing. Coming over from the link up.

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