How to cook perfect risotto. In 5 simple steps.

Risotto to hard and crunchy.How to cook perfect risotto

Is your risotto always too hard and crunchy? Here’s how to cook perfect risotto rice!

Risotto is tricky to cook. It’s either too hard or too stodgy, but patience, stirring and right amount of broth (or fatty water) is the key! You also need to be open to changes, be prepare to add more (or less) liquid than stated in the recipe (depending on the brand of the rice you’re using and ingredients you’re adding to the dish – some ingredients cook faster than others, some are more watery etc). Please remember, when cooking risotto, instructions are not carved in stone – these are guidelines only. Also, there’s a way to save the rice, even if it got too watery (or is still too hard to eat).

1- To cook perfect risotto you need: risotto rice (duh!) and fatty water (preferably broth, but depends on the recipe). Rest of the ingredients depends on the recipe you choose, but let’s talk rice only. Pour a bit of broth (1/4 of what you prepared for the whole recipe) and throw all the rice into the slightly hot frying pan. You need to add rest of the liquid gradually, keep stirring and tasting it from time to time. At the beginning of the cooking, rice may even float in the liquid. Water will be absorbed eventually.

2- Please make sure to take your time and stir it frequently. If it’s still too hard after 20 min of cooking, keep adding fatty water gradually. Taste it few times before serving: choose a spoonful from opposite sides and from the middle of the pan to be sure it has been cooked evenly.

3 – Don’t leave pan unattended for more than 3 or 5 minutes. Cook it on low or medium heat. I don’t cover the pan, but you can do so between stirring.

4 – If it’s getting to stogdy, use strainer to drain excess liquid and then cook further for one or two minutes without the cover.

5- If you don’t have kiddos, you may add splash of white wine into the mix – it goes perfect with risotto!

And that’s it – it should be perfecto! Bon appetit guys 🙂


How to cook perfect risotto. In 5 simple steps.
Is your risotto always too hard and crunchy? Here’s how to cook perfect risotto rice!


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  1. I have seen risotto on Hell’s Kitchen, haven’t actually eaten it and the other recipes I seen sound complicated. This seems pretty doable so will have to give this a try 🙂

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