Crock pot bbq chicken. Only 3 ingredients!

Crock pot bbq chicken

Delicious & slow cooked: classic sticky barbecue chicken drumsticks. Only 3 ingredients!

– chicken drumsticks (5-6)
-sticky bbq sauce/ marinade
-bbq spice mix / grill spice mix

bbq sauce


Depending on how much time you have: you can sprinkle drumsticks with bbq spice mix and leave them in the fridge to soak in the barbecue marinade for few hours or you can go with the flow and put them straight into the crock pot as follows: layer of marinate, drumsticks, spices, more marinade.Tip: Don’t use chicken straight from the freezer. As water won’t evaporate from your slow cooker, there will be too much liquid and you won’t get that sticky effect.
Use as dense sauce/marinade as possible. Cook it 6/7 hrs on low, or 6/5 on low and 1 hr on high, or 4/5 hrs on high.

Bon appetit!

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Crock pot bbq chicken
Delicious & slow cooked: sticky barbecue chicken drumsticks. Only 3 ingredients!



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