Crock pot recipes: spicy ground beef

Ground beef crock pot recipes – delicious and cheap dinner ideas!

There’s nothing better than cheap crock pot recipe. Slow cooking is a healthy and cheap way to cook your dinners. You know exactly what’s going into the pot, and, if you get your combination right, you can create a real taste palette heaven! Preparing crockpot dish doesn’t take a lot of time (and you can prepare freezer bags for the whole week ahead).
I created Awesome Crockpot Recipes Series, to document my slow cooking endeavours and today it’s time for ground beef! Ground beef crock pot recipes are one of my favourites, as they are delicious, but also really easy and cheap to make. Crock pot recipes are so awesome, because you can easily adjust recipes to your family nutritional needs. Skipping or swapping ingredients is much easier than in regular recipes. And you can discover new flavours in the process!

So, how to cook ground beef in the crock pot and what meat to use?

I recommend using low fat ground beef for slow cooking (15% and 20% fat is the ideal choice) or pre-cooking it to remove fat. I do not recommend slow cooking mince straight from the freezer (there will be too much liquid at the end!). Cook it fresh or defrost before cooking. Make sure there’s a layer of water or sauce (depending on a recipe) at the bottom of the crock pot. If you’re cooking on high, check it once in a while (without uncovering, if possible). You may uncover and stir it, but always add 30 minutes additional cooking time. Slow cooker ground beef goes perfect with pasta and potatoes. You can also use it to make delicious, mouth watering mince pies and stuffed peppers. It is substantial enough to keep you full for hours, but you can make it even more fulfilling, if you add a sprinkle of cheese to the mix!

If you like to plean ahead, watch out for beef price cuts at your local store (500 g of hamburger meat serves 2). You can also bag and freeze already cooked leftovers.
Kitchen utensil that may come in handy: slow cooker bags , wooden spoon, spatula, fork, skillet (if you plan to pre cook meat), colander (if you plan to rinse it before cooking).

If you like your dishes spicy, the recipe below is definitely for you! It takes just 15 minutes to prepare and you can cook in just 3 hours!

Ground beef crock pot recipe: spicy mushroom beef:

Spicy mushroom beef. Ground beef crock pot recipes – delicious and cheap dinner ideas! Awesome crock pot recipes series.

 Ingredients: tomato & mushroom sauce (250 g), beef (500g), spices: spicy mix or paprika/chilli & pepper mix, cup of mushrooms (fresh or frozen), fresh rosemary, one chopped pepper

Instructions: Spread thick layer of sauce on the bottom of the crock pot. Put 500g of ground beef (mince/hamburger meat) in the pot and sprinkle it with spices. Add another layer of sauce (remember to cover all the meat). Add mushrooms, chopped paprika and rosemary. You can stir it gently. Cover and cook for 2 or 3 hrs on high.


Awesome Crockpot Recipes Series


Spicy ground beef. Delicious and cheap dinner ideas! Awesome crock pot recipes series.


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  1. Mila, this sounds delish! I love my crockpot, in the winter and the summer. I love going outside and working all day and then coming in the house to a dinner already cooked! And there is so little cleanup! My kind of meal.

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