Slow cooked cheesy turkey breasts

Slow cooked cheesy turkey breasts

Cheesy turkey breasts. Easy slow cooker recipe.


– tomato & cheese sauce
– 4 large turkey breast steaks,
– chopped cabbage (one cup)
– green peas ( half a cup)
– chopped yellow bell pepper (handful)
– cheesy seasoning mix
– grated cheese (one cup)

You can mix two kinds of cheese: regular & parmesan or regular & mozzarella, depending on your likings.


Spread thick layer of sauce on the bottom of your crock pot. Put steaks inside the crock pot and sprinkle them with seasoning mix. If you have many small steaks, put them on top of each other and spread layer of sauce mixed with seasoning mix, between them. Throw all the veggies into the mix and put grated cheese on top. Cover and cook for 4 hours on low. Make sure cheese is melted. If is not, give it another half hour or stir it in and give it 15 minutes (it all depends on how you like it: cheese on top or mixed with sauce).



Cheesy turkey breasts
Cheesy turkey breasts. Easy slow cooker recipe.


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