Easy veggie-potato casserole

Veggie-potato casserole. Cheap dinner idea & easy to follow recipe.

Easy potato casserole


-8 large potatoes
– single cream or cream substitute
-enchilada spice mix
– frozen green peas (a cup)
-frozen spinach (a cup)
-salt to taste
– grated cheese (two cups)

Peel potatoes, halve them and cook as normal till tender (add pinch of salt before cooking). Drain potatoes, return them to the hob for 10/20 seconds (to let the steam off and make them as mushy as possible). You can bake potatoes hot (straight from the hob) or let them cool off. Mix cream or cream substitute with enchilada spice mix. Make sure it’s properly mixed and as creamy as possible (without lumps). Throw potatoes into the casserole dish and pour mixture over them. Stir it, make sure there’s some cream at the bottom of the dish, so potatoes don’t burn. Throw frozen peas and spinach. Stir again. Sprinkle grated cheese over the top and bake for 20 to 30 minutes at 200° C till cheese is melted. You can serve it with with cabbage salad on the side.

Potato casserole




Veggie-potato casserole
Veggie-potato casserole. Cheap dinner idea. Easy to follow recipe.

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