Ibs cures and food substitutes.

Ibs cures and food substitutes.

IBS-friendly foods, food substitutes and cures. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks ideas. What to eat, what to drink when you have ibs.

My favourite ibs-friendly foods, food substitutes and cures (including Symprove). Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks ideas. What to eat, what to drink when you have ibs.

Low FODmap diet in the nutshell



Breakfast ideas: 
spelt bread, wholemeal bread, gluten free bread, corn bread, corn tortillas, multigrain flatbreads, porridge oats with goats milk, quinoa with tomato & basil sauce, cooked eggs, fried eggs (with basil, coarse pepper and plum tomatoes), scramble eggs with cucumber or avocado chunks, bran, cereals, buckwheat.
You can also try cornflakes.
What to put on your bread: tomato and basil pate, turkey wafer thin ham, avocado spread, goats cheese, olive spread, lactose-free cheese.

Dinner and lunch ideas:
gluten free pasta, rice and brown rice, risotto, quinoa, french fries and chips (british for thick fries) from the oven, mackerel and salmon, shrimps, cod, olive and coconut oil for frying ( go easy on frying foods though, cooked and slow cooked are most recommended), turkey, chicken.


Tin foil, oven baked mackerel with olive oil, paprika and coarse pepper
Tin foil, oven baked salmon with basil and olive oil.

Instructions: Just sprinkle fresh fish with spices, olive oil and wrap tin foil around fish (leaving 2/3 cm space between fish and tin foil wrap top).
30/40 minutes baking time, all the important omega 3 juices stay in and you can pour leftover juices over potatoes fries or quinoa.

Coconut Turkey Risotto
You can skip peas in that recipe (if that’s your ibs trigger) and add finely chopped cucumber instead.


Crock pot salmon casserole

Be careful when using store bought potato mashes, as they may contain milk. Be sure to buy lactose and gluten free mash or make your own at home (using milk substitute and olive spread). Or, you can use carrot mash instead.
Use warm paprika spice instead of hot one.


Easy veggie-potato casserole

Use cream substitute and lactose-free cheese in these recipe, you can skip peas (if that’s your trigger) and use spinach, lettuce or chopped cucumber instead. Make sure enchilada spice mix doesn’t include garlic or onion powder. You can always create your own by mixing: paprika, coarse pepper, salt and mixed herbs.


Creamy spinach pasta recipe

Dear IBS sufferers, please use SECOND recipe from this post (it’s marked ‘Healthier, vegetarian version’; at the bottom of the page). Use lactose-free soft cheese or skip this ingredient completely.


Kfc chicken. Crock pot style.

Remember to use gluten-free crumbs in this recipe. You can use warm paprika instead of hot paprika and skip mozzarella completely.

My favorite foods and food substitutes:

Milk substitutes: oats milk, goats milk ,lactose free milk and coffee cream
Fruits: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi
Vegetables: lettuce, cooked corn on the cob, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots and cooked beetroots (in moderation), spinach.
What to drink: mint tea, chamomile tea, water (non sparkly), 100% berry juices with no added sugar or sweeteners ( in moderation; skip blackberry juices).
Sugar substitute: stevia
Snacks: lactose free yogurts, pumpkin seeds, multigrain crisps (british for potato chips), popcorn, coconut flakes, rice pudding (with goats/oats milk, stevia and coconut flakes or dark chocolate flakes, if you can get away with eating a bit of chocolate), berries with lactose free yogurt, gluten free stevia cookies (in moderation).
Spices: fresh basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, thyme, coarse salt, warm paprika, coarse pepper ( in moderation), bbq and mexican spice mixes (without onion and garlic).

As you probably know by now, ibs trigger foods are not the same for everybody. There are some general rules, like: no onion, garlic, wheat and milk. But some fruits, nuts and veggies from the low FODmap list, may still be bad for your digestive system and some may agree with you despite being on the forbidden list. It’s definitely worth to experiment on yourself. For example: bananas are on the low FODmap list, but I’ve had problems after eating them, on the other hand, I can get away with eating small amounts of apples (and they are on the no-no list).


IBS cures.

Current ibs cures, helpful meds and tips.

Currently, most helpful in curing IBS symptoms are:


Symprove  – ‘water based formulation containing multi-strain live and active bacteria’ ( from symprove site), that can help you restore your gut flora. You can buy it on amazon and on their official website. Easy to use, comes in handy bottles (with measuring cup). Formulation works like a charm. Just remember to keep opened bottle of Symprove in the fridge.

Omni-Biotic 10 AAD

Works similar to Symprove. Contains multi-strain active bacteria. It comes in the form of powder (packed into small sachets) that you can dissolve in water. You can store it in the kitchen cupboard. It’s a German product, you can buy it here: official website (not an affiliate link).

Plantago Psyllium 

Fiber from the plant Plantago psyllium (seeds or powder). You can drink it with water or juice. It’s advised to drink lots of water in between doses.


About IBS cures.
Please note: in some cases, you may need to maintain your healthy ibs diet or reprise your curation once in a while. In other cases, you may be free of symptoms and allowed to eat what you please ( within common sense, of course). Every case is different.

Currently, most helpful in relieving IBS symptoms are:

Buscopan, Fybogel mebeverine, Senokot, Dulcolax, Peppermint oil

Home remedies for ibs flare ups:

peppermint tea
fennel seeds

Helpful tips:

Eat smaller portions.

Eat slower and chew thoroughly.

Go easy on spices.

 Use slow cooker. Food from the slow cooker is easy on the digestive system.

Avoid eating poultry & fruit skin.


Disclaimer: This post contains amazon links to some of the mentioned products and one link to the sponsored post. I’m not a doctor or health professional. I’m sharing my honest opinion on products, I used to help me treat my IBS. Please, always contact a health professional before changing your diet or using medicine you haven’t tried before.



Learn more about Symprove:


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