10 ways to make your pizza healthier

10 ways to make your pizza healthier!


For all the pizza lovers out here!
We all know that pizza is carb loaded, so that’s why I’m bringing you this little cheat sheet. If you’re going to eat it on a regular basis, make sure it’s healthier!

Tips and tricks to make your pizza healthier:

– skip the meat

-add a lot of veggies and herbs

-go for thin base pizza or go gluten free

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-try polenta pizza or cauliflower base pizza

-experiment with flour, use healthier alternatives (corn, wholemeal, spelt or rice flour) for  base

-use organic ingredients

-use olive oil (for greasing and to sprinkle the base)

-eat fruit pizza instead

-when preparing base, mix finely chopped veggies and mix them with flour

-skip salt, use chilli and coarse pepper instead

Let me know in the comments, which pizza tackles your fancy. Did you discover your new favourite, or did you decide to stick with regular pizza? Can’t wait to hear from you!


Mila – Pizza Lover

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 For all the pizza lovers out here! 10 tips and tricks to make your pizza healthier.


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