Cute, little snowman from DIY snow!

Make your own cute, little snowman from homemade snow!


DIY fake snow, toothpick, glitter (use bigger pieces, you can use cute shaped pieces – like hearts or stars).


Learn how to make artificial snow at home.
Please, use first DIY snow recipe from this post. It’s perfect for moulding!


Form from 2 to 3 small snowballs (use the same technique you use while forming meatballs ;)) Find a plate (or a stand) where you can permanently put your snowman on display. My fake snow turned out great. It wasn’t too moist, but it was sticky enough to form snowballs and stick them together. Use toothpicks (or broken toothpick parts) to create hands. Use small, sharp knife to scrape a curly piece of toothpick to use it as a mouth. You can also break a toothpick and use a scrape from broken toothpick (it might be uneven though). Stick bigger pieces of glitter onto snowman’s head, creating eyes and nose. Sprinkle some more glitter on and around snowman. And voila! Cute, little snowman figurine made from scratch! 🙂


Happy crafting!

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