Declutter your home (and your mind) before Christmas

Declutter your home (and your mind) before Christmas.


Give yourself two months to reinvent the way you handle stress (and mess) – just in time to have blissful and happy Christmas!

8 weeks plan. Start early November (first week of November preferably).

Week 1
Step 1. Throw away everything that’s broken, is not frequently used, is easily replaceable, annoys you.
Step 2. Try relaxation. 5 minutes a day, you can try smartphone apps or youtube videos. Mindful breathing and body scan are my favourites.

Week 2
Step 1. Throw away things that weren’t used for at least a year. Christmas tree and ornaments excluded, but bin broken ornaments and Christmas decor you don’t fancy anymore. When buying new decor, try to use one ornament/ decor piece a year rule and try to choose something really special..
 Step 2.  Try 10 minutes meditation/relaxation a day.

Week 3 & 4
Step 1. Deep clean you house. Use that two weeks to clean windows, cupboards, deck and for other heavy duty stuff.
Step 2. Do a bit of mindful walking. Try to walk on a slower pace, pay attention to your surroundings and breath!

Week 5
 Step 1. Start your Christmas shopping and start preparing food (food that can be cooked and frozen till Christmas day: soups, sauces, cheesecakes, tart bases, veggies and even some meats ).
Step 2. Try mindful eating. Chew slowly and really feel the taste! You can close your eyes. Eat one raisin/ chocolate piece/ fruit bite as long as you can.

Week 6
Step 1. Finish: Christmas shopping and preparing foods to freeze.
Step 2. Try 8 minutes visual relaxation a day.

Week 7 & 8
Step 1. Week 7 and week 8 will probably be more hectic, so I would like you to schedule some time for ’emergencies’. Schedule 30- 45 minutes daily for emergencies (if not ‘used’, carry on with your daily chores & finish what you started in previous weeks). Try to wrap gifts, prepare final grocery shopping list during week 7. Do final cleaning and cooking during week 8. Ask family to help with some chores.
Step 2. Do 5 minutes of mindful breathing a day (more if you can find the time).

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12 Replies to “Declutter your home (and your mind) before Christmas

  1. I definitely will find it hard to fit a deep clean in there, but the meditations will certainly be helpful! I do love the idea of purging before Christmas!

  2. I love this post. I’m already starting to feel the holiday stress, and I think a major reduction in clutter will go a long way towards helping relieve that feeling, and get me in the holiday mood!

  3. I love the plan you have laid out! Its so funny how my favorite time of year is also the most stressful time of year. I am definitely going to give your plan a try and see how it works for me. Maybe getting a jump start on the season will help.

    Lisa at Dreams and Caffeine

    1. Christmas being the most wonderful and most stressful time of year is so ironic, isn’t? 🙂
      Hope this plan will ease the pressure! Christmas decor(and ads) are all around us anyway, we may just as well join and start preparing haha 😉
      Thanks for reading,

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