Easiest apple sauce in the world!


Easiest apple sauce in the world!

Only 3 ingredients, easy to make, delicious apple sauce. Fall recipes made easy.

In our neighbourhood, in the middle of a humble, green space, grows a beautiful, wild apple tree that produces the best apples in Scotland (my personal opinion:)). Unfortunately, as building site is coming our way, this lovely apple tree is going to be cut down. We decided to pick some fruits before bulldogers, fencing and all that. Although we left lots of fruits for animals to munch on, we still ended up with around 3 / 3,5 kg of apples (thank you Nature).



 I needed to act fast and not let them go bad, so I decided to make an apple sauce and freeze it for later.

apples 3- 3,5 kg (but it can be much less than that), water, sugar (1 tbsp per kg of apples – you can always add more if you end up using the sauce for desserts).

Wash, peel and cut apples into cubes. Throw them into a large pot. Add water (to fully cover apples) & sugar. Stir and cook till it all boils and apples are soft & mushy. Pour out some water (3-4 cups) and mash cooked apples directly in the pot. You can use the simplest hand masher. Pour out more water, if pot is overflowing. Left mash to cool, put it in freezer bags and freeze. I froze it in a few separate bags (apple pies, here I come!).


We ended up with around 3 liters of apple sauce! By the way, can you go more organic than wild apple tree, haha ?

What to use apple sauce for ?

Rice with apples and cinnamon. Perfect lunch for kids!


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