How to have calm and productive mornings

how to have calm productive mornings

How to have calm and productive mornings from now on. Transform your mornings with these simple tricks.

 1) Make a list of what always goes wrong in the mornings. Try to sort those things out.


For example.
Never sure if the stove is turned off? Sacrifice 2 minutes before going out, to mindfully check all the doors, stove, windows.
Can’t find your car keys anywhere? Next time focus and notice: what do you do with them after locking your car doors and entering the house? Set up ‘lost and found’ bowl in the hall, so the whole family can throw someone else’s things they’ve found in unexpected places.
Always out of milk? Make a note in the calendar, set repeated cell phone alarm, to buy some more every evening.

2) Prioritise


What needs to be done ASAP?  For example: paying for kids lunches at school, paying mortgage or electricity bill, buying groceries, scheduling dentist visit and taking care of health in general). What can be rescheduled? Cleaning the whole house (Especially, if it’s a busy day and you have no spare time. Clean only what urgently needs to be cleaned: toilet, dishes etc), organizing cluttered cupboards, organizing old mail, sorting out things that don’t have time stamp on them.
Things to do with health, finances, ‘smoothness’ and safety of everyday living are always priority. Everything else can wait. Even if you really want to do it 🙂

3) Blend tasks together.

The awesome advice I was given once, was to blend ‘tasks’ together. For example: What needs to be done? Dinner. What would you like to achieve?  Eating healthy and spending more time with the family. Dinner may be the answer to all 3 mentioned above. You can cook something healthy with the help of your family and make an evening of it! Morning example: wake up earlier and take kids to school by foot (3 tasks blended together: walking to school, being active, spending time with kiddos).

4)Be prepared.

Prepare food and clothes for the next day, the evening before.
Schedule 15 minutes for morning emergencies. Set alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than you have to.
Prepare emergency bags and keep them in the cupboard. They should contain snacks ( like cheddar crackers, juice, dried fruits and some pocket money). Give them to your kiddos when you run of time, so they can snack on their way to school and buy breakfast in school cafeteria or nearby shop.

5)Establish morning routine.

Give your brain (and body) a sign, it’s time to get to work. Do one thing everyday when you get out of bed (like: eating an orange, cold shower, quick run). After a while your mind will start recognise the sign – (morning run means it’s time to wake up!).

6)Eat something! 

That’s very important one. In a long run, you can’t make it work without proper breakfast. You can prepare something you really like the previous evening, that for sure will sweeten dreadful Monday morning.


Remember: It takes time to change a habit (like going to bed late, not eating breakfast), but it can be changed, so don’t give up!


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