What to buy (and what not to buy) on Black Friday

What to buy (and what not to buy) on Black Friday and where to find the best deals.


What to buy:

1) Big brand electronics

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a good time to buy big brand electronics (especially tv’s, laptops and smartphones).
Check out Amazon and Best Buy, when buying laptops and be sure to check out Apple Store & Best Buy, if you’re planning to buy a new smartphone. iPhones and iPhone accessories will go a storm this year.
Keep and eye for : 4k tv’s!

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2) Large home appliances and cookware

Home Depot and Target are the way to go if you want to buy large home appliances. Cyber Monday is a good time to buy fancy pans and pot sets. You may want to go online to find best deals on these.

3) Fancy toys
If you would like to buy toys on Black Friday, focus on big brands & fancy, electronic toys. Keep an eye on Disney & Star Wars gadgets, remote controlled cars and Lego sets!

What not to buy:

Avoid buying gift cards, garden furniture, fitness equipment, travel tickets & winter apparel. These are simply not discounted enough. Either because of temporary lack of interest (it’s not the right time of year to buy it and use it – garden furniture & fitness equipment), or because it’s a season for it and people will but it anyway (winter clothes, gift cards).

Most importantly, do your research before Black Friday (and Cyber Monday), to make sure your desired products are really discounted. Don’t assume you’ll get the best deal just because it’s a Black Friday. For example: your desired laptop model may be too new (couple of months on the market) to be discounted.

Keep your eyes open and happy shopping ! 🙂


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