Easy christmas sauce

Easy Christmas Sauce.

Easy Christmas Sauce

Christmas recipe made easy. Easy to make mixed berries and currants sauce.

Easy Christmas sauce you can make far ahead. I’m all about good food and minimal fuss.
This easy slow cooker sauce, can be served with desserts and main dishes. You can use it as a filling, freeze it for later, add some spices or sugar (whatever you fancy).

frozen berries and currants mix 400g (blueberries, strawberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants), water 100 ml, tree tablespoons of sugar.

Throw berry and currant mix into the crock pot, add sugar and water. Cover and simmer on high for 4 hrs or on low for 8 hrs. Keep an eye on your sauce, add water if it’s too dense. You can use a hand masher to mash it. Always add 30 minutes of additional cooking time after taking cover off.  If sauce is too thin, drain excess liquid and mash it.

berry sauce

I will use my sauce as Christmas cupcakes filling.
I might add some more sugar. You can always separate yours into bunches and freeze it (just in case you want to add some sauce to your Christmas roast).

berry sauce

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Easy Christmas Sauce

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