Epsom salt luminaries

Epsom Salt Luminaries

Epsom Salt Luminaries. Easy Christmas Craft

Epsom salt luminaries are one of my favorite Christmas crafts, because:

1 – I love jars
2 – they are super easy to make

This craft is child friendly but some adult assistance might be needed.

All you need to make your own luminaries:

a small jar without the lid, epsom salt, craft glue (modge podge), brush, some plastic container (deep enough to cover the jar).


Pour epsom salt into the container (pour enough to dip at least one side of the jar in it). Make sure your jars are clean & dry and then spread 1 mm layer of craft glue on the outside of the jar. Start with one side. Don’t let the glue dry. Gently dip covered with glue side of the jar into the container. Don’t press jar to hard. You can leave it in the container for few seconds, then remove it and gently shake off excess salt. Repeat the process till whole jar is covered. You can skip decorating jars neck and later embellish it with ribbons or straws. Leave jar to dry and voila!

‘Frosty’ luminaries are perfect for festive tablescapes, especially if you’re planning snow-themed dinner.

Epsom Salt Luminaries

Epsom Salt Luminaries

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Epsom Salt Luminaries. Easy Christmas Craft

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