Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

friday favorites

Friday favorites after-Christmas special is coming your way 😉 My mind is still cruising around Christmas themes. It’s always hard for me to move on, so you might see one or two (or three;)) christmassy favs here today.

Arthur’s Seat

The view from there is incredible, no matter what weather. I’ve reached the top once and a 3/4 🙂 Top is very steep and edgy. I climbed it without the big hustle the first time, but the second time I froze 4 meters from the top. Maybe I was approaching the top from the gentler angle the first time, or maybe I was just braver. Either way, the view from Arthur’s Seat is stunning!

arthur's seat view from the top

Neutral Winter Decor

Neutral cottage-style coziness fits cold & stormy weather!

Neutral Winter Decor

Cement flower pots.

Power of neutrals – mantel decorating idea

Neutral mantel decor

17 cheap neutral pillows and pillow covers

cheap neutral pillow covers

Don’t talk to strange men (1962)

This retro thriller will keep you at the edge of your seat! It will also make you want to throw something at the tv, because lovely & polite protagonist is incredibly naive 🙂


Moonlight and Christmas lights combined !

It doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Moonlight and Christmas Tree

Moonlight and Christmas Tree

Christmas fun!

Festive fun outside (no snow – it’s Edinburgh, Scotland!) and inside ( I obviously compensated with flocked tree). We’ve been binge-watching new and old stuff, meeting friends and giving guinea pigs and dogs a lot of love (and opportunities to be active, by chasing them :)).

Hope you all had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas!
Wishing you lovely new Year’s Eve and Happy New Year!

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friday favorites

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