How not to go broke this Christmas

How not to go broke this Christmas!


8 tips on how not go broke this Christmas. Holidays can be hard if your budget is tight, but don’t worry! It can be easier this year!

Few tips and tricks:

1) Set a budget ahead of time and stick to it!

Make deal with yourself! You will not be tempted, no matter how beautiful ‘bigger than you planned’ Christmas tree looks like!

2)  Try layaway payment plan

It means ‘securing’ an item and buying it later (so, it’s old fashioned ‘calling it dips’, basically ;)).
How does it work? You put a deposit on the item you would like to buy (usually it’s 10 to 30% of the total price) and then you pay in installments, till it’s paid.
How often are the payments? Depending on the stop, but they can be every14 days. You can put down the deposit personally, in store. If the item is pricey, is good to start earlier (if shop policy allows it). Always ask what shops policy states, to avoid nasty surprises.
Popular shops that accept layaway payments: Kmart, Walmart, Toys ‘R’ Us, Best Buy

3) Use coupons

Shops like Lidl, offer range of coupons (you can find them in their Christmas booklet, that is for grabs for free in every store). Some coupons are as big as 50% off. There’s always an offer on roasts and cakes. You can buy more than one of each and use separate coupon for every purchase (ask store manager what’s the limit is though).

4) Shop online

You’re least likely to buy something on impulse, when you shop online. At home, you can take a break, have a cuppa and breath! There’s no Christmas music, tempting smells and pressure selling. You can save your shopping basket for later and go back to online store with one click. You don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself too. When we shop in store, we usually just want to make it quick and go on with our lives. We often buy because of the various ‘buts’:
– but who wants to think about it overnight, then drive here again, when we’re already here
– but what about petrol cost and time, just grab it, pay for it and forget about it 😉

When buying from a comfort of your own home, you’re most likely to make sensible and informed decision.

5) Try Christmas saving schemes

That might be an idea for next year, actually. In most Christmas saving schemes, you pay regular amounts through the year and around December, you receive vouchers that allow you to pay for items in wide range of shops. You can buy clothes, beauty products, toys, electronics and more.There are various Christmas saving schemes around. Google ‘Christmas saving schemes’ and name of your country, to see what’s available and choose the one that works for you.

6) Make gifts and decorations!


Here are some lovely DIY gifts and decorations ideas:

8 elegant rustic homemade Christmas decorations and DIY gift ideas

DIY Sharpie Christmas Mugs – cute gift idea

DIY snow

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe

‘Frozen’ Christmas branch (bare tree) – simple, rustic decor idea


You can go totally old fashion and make popcorn garlands and dried apple & orange slices ornaments.

7) Go to the dollar store

If you don’t fancy making stuff, go to the dollar store. You can purchase there whole range of decorations, wrapping papers and stocking stuffers.
Cheap and cute stocking stuffers idea:
12 funny, cute mugs to give your loved ones this Christmas.

8) Organize good old-fashioned potluck feast!

That way your guests can show off their cooking skills, it’s fun for everybody to try other people’s dishes and there’s a guarantee that people will find something they can or would like to eat.
For example: if you’re not a vegan, but you expect vegan guests, you’re probably a bit stressed about what to cook (will they like it, am I sure I didn’t make vegetarian food instead of vegan, will they be hungry at the end of the night, etc). When there’s potluck dinner, there’s always something good for everyone. Your vegan guest will probably cook vegan, gluten free eaters will bring something gluten free. People with special eating needs will be satisfied and guests without special preferences will have a chance to try something new. Bonus: you will save time and money!

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