3 ingredient breakfast idea

3 ingredient breakfast idea

3 ingredient breakfast idea

3 ingredient breakfast idea. Fried egg with goats cheese and dill.
IBS friendly, LOW FODMAP, easy to make omelette recipe.

one egg, one teaspoon of chopped dill, one slice of goats cheese
drop of olive oil for frying, coarse salt, pepper

3 ingredient breakfast idea


Chop dill and goats cheese slice into smaller pieces. Heat drop of olive oil in a small frying pan (you can skip this step if you use non-stick pan). Reduce heat to low. Break one egg and slowly slip it into the pan. Add cheese and dill. Wait till egg is fried throughout and cheese is melted and bubbling. Don’t flip it to other side (cheese will stick to the pan) and don’t change heat to medium or high (bottom of the omelette may burn).
I don’t add any additional spices. In my opinion, goat cheese gives this dish enough flavor, but if you need a bigger kick, feel free to add spices of your choice.

Bon appetit!


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3 ingredient breakfast idea

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