Crock pot salmon casserole.

Crock pot salmon casserole.

Crock pot salmon

Easy salmon casserole recipe. It’s healthy, it’s yummy and it’s from slow cooker! Low FODmap, IBS friendly.

Have you ever tried to cook fish in the crock pot? It’s easy and delicious!

Please note: if you’re an IBS sufferer, choose lactose free butter or olive oil spread and lactose free milk, when making mashed potatoes. You can find the recipe here: IBS friendly, Low FODmap mashed potatoes.
Also, you can peel tomatoes before throwing them into slow cooker.


-2 eggs
-mash potatoes 200g/240g ( homemade or store bought)
-spices (hot paprika, pepper, coarse salt)
– 2 skinless & boneless salmon fillets 260g
– one medium sized cucumber
-12 plum tomatoes
-fresh basil (8 leaves)


Put/pour ingredients into the crock pot as follows: one beaten egg, mash potatoes (if from the package, use fork to further mush it), hot paprika and pepper (one teaspoon of each), another beaten egg, two pieces of salmon, paprika & coarse salt (one teaspoon of each), cucumber (finely chopped) ,plum tomatoes (halved) and fresh basil (chopped) . Cover and cook on high for 2 hrs or on low for 4 hrs.

crock pot salmon

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crock pot salmon casserole



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