IBS blueberries trick

IBS blueberries trick

IBS blueberries trick

IBS blueberries trick? Who would have thought?! This simple diet trick will help relieve your IBS symptoms.

Every person suffering from IBS will tell you, that this condition is not fun. It makes the most natural things in the world (like eating and going to toilet) painful and uncomfortable. My probiotic treatments sent me on the right path (SymproveOmni-Biotic 10 AAD). Something changed, but I still wasn’t able to drink milk, eat wheat, onion and garlic.  I learned a lot about healthy diet during my worst IBS days and I’ve started to eat a lot of veggies and fruits every day. To benefit from it fully, I mix and match. I want to get something good (vitamins!) from every veggie and fruit I’m allowed to eat on IBS diet. But as it turned out, one particular fruit has special properties…

I started to eat blueberries daily and I’ve quickly noticed that blueberries work wonders for my digestive system (and they are good for your brain too!).  I eat one 100/200g portion a day (preferably UK’s duke variety, because they are yummy). When I don’t feel like eating blueberries, I choose raspberries or fresh, diced cucumber. They are good for your digestive system too. Since doing that, I was able to digest small amounts of onion without any problems. I also had absolutely no problem with eating/drinking reasonable amounts of wheat, milk, chocolate and tea!

Moderate physical activity and relaxation help, too! Try half an hour or an hour walk and 10 minutes meditation a day. Do something fun and active, like trampoline jumping, rolling on the floor with kids or playing catch with your dog. Not overeating has a big impact as well.

Don’t go crazy with blueberries though! Too much of the good stuff is bad too (you’re risking diarrhea)! I’m still following overall low Fodmap guidelines (like limiting wheat and milk intake), but reintroducing high FODmap foods is a big part of the treatment. Mixing soluble fiber (blueberries, oat bran) and insoluble fiber foods (gluten-free whole grain bread, brown rice) is important from the nutritional point of view and it supports healthy bowel movements.

Very important, please read!

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. Statements in this post are based on my personal experience. This diet might not be suitable for you for a variety of reasons. Please, always consult a health professional before making any changes to your diet! 

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IBS blueberries trick

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2 Replies to “IBS blueberries trick

  1. I eat blueberries on my bran flakes with probiotic yogurt every day and find that really helps keep everything calm. I have found that cutting down my tea consumption (I was drinking 6 or 7 mugs a day, now I have 2) has really helped me. I think everyone is slightly different but it is great to hear what works for others, everything is worth trying I think, until you find what works best for you.

    1. Thank you, Julie! I know that people are often frustrated, because they want to find one, ultimate solution and that isn’t the case with IBS. I agree, everything is worth trying, until you find your path! Cutting down tea helped me too. I’m down to 2/3 cups. Eating small portions also helps a lot. Thanks so much for reading 🙂

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