Oven-baked wild pink salmon with coconut oil and sweet chilli sauce

Oven-baked wild pink salmon with coconut oil and sweet chilli sauce.

oven baked salmon

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Aldi. All opinions are my own.

 Would you like to eat fancy dinner without ruining your budget? I teamed up with Aldi to show you how easy it is to create luxurious and healthy meal on a tight budget.

At the first glance, Aldi seems like a small supermarket, but you can find wide range of products on the shelves  (including: organic coconut oil, almond milk, fresh herbs and vegetables, luxurious desserts and large fish & meat selection) and all in great prices!

I decided to create a simple recipe for tasty and healthy dinner (I bought all the products in my local Aldi store).
Here’s something yummy to beat February blues!

Oven-baked wild pink salmon with coconut oil and sweet chilli sauce

how to bake salmon in the oven

frozen wild pink salmon fillets (513 g), organic coconut oil, fresh basil (I bought living plant), chicken seasoning mix, sweet chilli sauce (300 g), pineapple slices in juice (432 g)

Defrost salmon fillets: after wrapping fillets in a cling film (you can use sealable plastic bags too), put them in medium-sized bowl and immerse them in cold water; keep them in the fridge overnight.
Use 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to grease ovenproof dish, put fillets in the dish and season them with spices of your choice (I used chicken seasoning mix because I like this one best). Spread some coconut oil on the top of each fillet and bake at 200 C for around 30-40 minutes. Serve with fresh basil, sweet chilli sauce and pineapple slices.

Jacket potato

jacket potato recipe

If you love your potatoes (like I do), serve salmon with delicious & crispy jacket spuds.
Here’s how to bake a perfect jacket potato…

potato/potatoes, olive oil, seasoning mix (variety of herbs)

Sprinkle some olive oil at the bottom of oven proof dish. Wash and dry potato. Choose as regular-shaped potato as possible. Use sharp knife to slice it (but just 1/3 through; vertically or cross style), brush it with olive oil and sprinkle  seasoning mix on top of it. Bake at 200C for 45-50 minutes. Halfway through baking, pour boiling olive oil from the bottom of the dish over potato. Serve hot with fresh basil.


chocolate and orange ganache

For the dessert I’ve chosen ready to eat, luxurious chocolate & orange ganache.
It is soft & creamy, but not too sweet. It won’t get in the way of losing those extra Christmas kilos, but it tastes just heavenly!

 If you’re struggling with your budget during cold, winter months, visit your nearest Aldi supermarket and cook  luxurious dinner without ruining your wallet. Bag of frozen salmon fillets is just £3.59. Pineapple slices, sweet chilli sauce and basil are all under a pound!

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