Growing grass in eggshells – simple Easter craft.

Growing grass in eggshells – simple Easter craft. 

Growing grass in eggshells - simple Easter craft.

Easter garden – simple craft idea.

 I love Easter and I’m chuffed every time it’s time for Easter crafts. Over the years I came up with many ideas on how to use broken eggshells and turn them into Easter decorations. ‘Easter garden’ is my favorite so far. Arts and crafts with eggshells are always fun, as it’s (literally) making something out of ‘nothing’.

These eco friendly Easter decorations are perfect to use as a centerpieces (it’s the cheapest Easter tablescape idea you can imagine). They are also easy to make, so you can craft them with your kids.

Growing grass in eggshells. Easter garden - DIY

You will need:

large eggs, garden soil, grass seeds, egg dye, boiling water, vinegar, egg stand / empty egg packaging, glass tumblers; optional: small plastic containers or small clay pots

TIP 1: Use large eggs: even the half of the cracked eggshell is large enough to be used as a ‘pot’.

TIP 2: You can grow grass directly in eggshells or you can grow it in the small, plastic (or clay) containers and move it into the eggshells later. If you choose method number 2, you can grow your grass ahead. I prefer growing grass outside the eggshells (you can use empty, cleaned yogurt pots or small clay containers from the garden store), so watering doesn’t damage dyed eggshells.

TIP 3: Grow grass as instructed on the seed package. Cat grass is perfect to use here, as it grows fast.

Growing grass in an eggshell. Easter DIY.


Carefully crack few eggs, gently wash eggshells with warm water to flush down egg remains. Leave shells to dry. There are many methods to dye eggs (always read the instructions on the package first), but with most egg dyes it goes as follows: in a glass tumbler combine egg dye, vinegar and boiling water. Use a spoon to carefully (water is piping hot!) place an egg (in this case eggshell) in the tumbler. Leave it there for 10 to 30 minutes. Using a spoon, slowly take eggshell out of the water and place it on a plate covered with paper towel. Leave it to dry.

I like the way egg dye paints inside of the shell – it looks very vibrant:

Growing grass in an eggshell

When your eggshells are ready, either: transfer soil (with grass already grown from it) from yogurt pots to eggshells, or: plant grass directly in the eggshells filled with soil. Water up to two times a day (using a sprayer). If you’re growing grass directly in eggshells, you can put them in empty, plastic egg stand. Make sure eggshells are not sitting in the standing water. Place shells/pots with growing grass in the sunny spot.

You can also plant cress or other herbs that way. It’s a lot of fun and it looks good on the table.

Growing grass in an eggshell. Simple Easter craft

If you’re looking for other ways to decorate or paint eggs for Easter, check out these:

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Don’t throw away eggshells, they are useful in the garden too:

Using eggshells in the garden.

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Growing grass in eggshells. Easter garden - simple craft idea.

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