Spray painted Easter eggs – tutorial.

Spraypainted Easter Eggs

Spray Painted Easter Eggs. Easy to make Easter craft. Cheap DIY

Spray painted Easter eggs – tutorial.
Super easy way to decorate your Easter eggs and make them look really cute.

For as long I can remember, I absolutely loved Easter! All the vibrant colors at home and outside the house, beautiful sights of nature waking up and giving us crème de la crème of colors, shapes and smells. There’s nothing more exhilarating! That’s why I decided to make my Easter eggs extra colorful and full of oomph. I’ve had some leftover spray paint that was perfect for this task. Here’s a quick tutorial, if you fancy colorful, spray- painted Easter eggs of your own…

Please note: After spray painting, eggs are not suitable for eating.
You can always use plastic or foam eggs instead of the real ones.
Real eggs need to be hard boiled, just because they would be too fragile for spray painting when raw.

Polka dot egg:

To make polka dotted Easter eggs, you will need:

spray painted easter eggs

– hard boiled eggs
– spray paint
–  bottle cap to use as a stand
– address stickers and office hole puncher or stick on dots

Use office hole puncher to cut out small dots from address stickers or use small stick on dots. Carefully stick adhesive dots on egg surface. Shake spray can well before use. Place egg on a ‘stand’ and start spraying. Sweep the can from left to right (or up and down) while spraying to make sure the coat of paint is even. Spray around 15 cm away from the egg surface. Do one, thin coat to prevent any drips. You can always add another layer later on. Leave it to dry. Examine your egg and add another coat, if necessary. Lastly, remove stick on dots.

easter eggs tutorial


Single line / cross pattern eggs:

To make single line / cross pattern eggs you will need:

Spray Painted Easter Eggs

Spray Painted Easter Eggs
– hard boiled eggs
– spray paint
– scissors
– masking tape
–  bottle cap to use as a stand
– pencil
– ruler

Use scissors to cut out even, thin strips of tape from a larger stripe. You can use ruler and a pencil to make sure your cut outs are even. Slowly and carefully stick masking tape to the egg surface. Make it stick as precisely as possible. Place egg on a ‘stand’ and start spraying. Just like with polka dotted eggs, use only one coat of paint, leave it to dry and spray again later, if necessary. Remove masking tape and voila! Your decoration is ready.

Spray Painted Easter Eggs

You can create lots of patterns, but I like cross pattern and straight single line the best. They really bring out vibrant colors of spray paint.

Spray Painted Easter Eggs

 I’m wishing you all happy Easter and happy crafting!

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Spray-Painted Easter Eggs. Easy to make Easter craft. Cheap DIY.

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  1. This look like a lot of fun to decorate. You can get so creative. I bet there are a lot of fun stickers that you could use to create the shapes in many different ways. They look so adorable in your little holders. What a fun way to decorate your Easter table.

    I hope that you had a great Easter and that you enjoyed the entire weekend.

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