IBS friendly pasta bake recipe

IBS friendly pasta bake recipe.

IBS recipes. IBS friendly pasta bake recipe. Low FODmap buckwheat pasta bake recipe.

Low FODmap buckwheat pasta bake recipe.

– buckwheat pasta (around 150 -200 gram)
– cream substitute (284 ml)
– chopped spinach (a cup)
– lactose free grated cheese (100 gram)
– spices (salt, pepper, dried basil, paprika – 1 tablespoon each) or store-bought pasta bake spice (please make sure it’s gluten free and doesn’t contain garlic, onion or chili)
– fragrance free coconut oil for greasing (one tablespoon)
– water (50 – 100 ml)

About cream substitutes. Look for ones containing buttermilk and vegetable oils. Buttermilk contains lactose, but as it’s fermented (and therefore contains live and active cultures), it’s highly recommended for people suffering from IBS.

About buckwheat. Buckwheat is naturally gluten free. If you’re buying buckwheat pasta, please take time to read list of ingredients as some of the producers my add gluten to their products. My pasta was made from 100% buckwheat flour, it was gluten free and IBS friendly.

Use one tablespoon of fragrance-free coconut oil to grease oven proof dish. Cover bottom of the dish with buckwheat pasta. In a bowl, combine cream substitute, water and spices (or spice mix). Please note: amount of water you need, depends on spices you’re using. Cream combined with pasta bake spice mix may be too thick, so after mixing it with cream, add desirable amount of water (liquid thickness should resemble pancake mix). Cover pasta with the liquid and mix it all well. Make sure there’s a lot of cream at the bottom of the dish and pasta is evenly covered. Add chopped spinach, stir it in and sprinkle top with grated cheese. Bake at 200° Celsius for about 20 to 25 minutes or till cheese is bubbly.

You can use buckwheat macaroni, penne or fusilli noodles in this recipe.

Bon appetit!

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IBS friendly pasta bake recipe. Low FODmap buckwheat pasta bake recipe.


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