Rosemary mashed potatoes.

IBS friendly mashed potatoes recipe.

IBS mashed potato recipes. IBS friendly Low FODmap mashed potatoes recipe. Gluten free and lactose free. Rosemary mashed potatoes.

 Low FODmap, IBS friendly mashed potatoes recipe- gluten free and lactose free.

Have you ever wondered if you can still enjoy tender taste of mashed potatoes, now, when you had been diagnosed with IBS? The answer is yes! And the recipe is not that different from the classic mashed potato recipe. Few, small changes and you can still enjoy delicate taste of fulfilling mash. Please note: to make rosemary mashed potatoes you will need electric masher or hand masher.

Please note: if you’re at the beginning of the elimination diet or you’re currently suffering from a flare up, skip lactose free milk/butter or goats milk/butter (they can still contain small amounts of lactose, especially goats milk) and use coconut milk instead.


– 3 large potatoes
–  lactose free full milk/ goats milk or coconut milk (around 150 ml)
– lactose free butter/ goats butter/ olive spread (1 or 1,5 half tablespoon)
– 1/2 teaspoon of dried rosemary
– pinch of coarse salt
– pinch of coarse pepper

IBS mashed potatoes


Peel, wash potatoes and cut them into cubes. Cook them as normal (till they’re tender). Mash them using hand or electric masher. In the microwave proof dish, mix milk, butter/spread and spices. Stir it well. Warm your mixture up in the microwave (for about 1-2 minutes ) and pour it over the potato mash. Mix it with potatoes well, till liquid is fully absorbed. Serve immediately (or you can warm up potato mash in the microwave later).

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IBS mashed potato recipe. IBS friendly Low FODmap mashed potatoes recipe. Gluten free and lactose free. Rosemary mashed potatoes.

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