DIY pebble cactus

 DIY pebble cactus

DIY pebble cactus


DIY pebble cactus. Cactuses made from painted stones.
Easy to make craft.

Do you like collecting pebbles and stones?
“Why would adult do that?’, someone might ask.
Well, first of all, I like little tokens of remembrance and beach pebbles are really fascinating- each and every one of them is different (just like snow flakes). Second of all, I always find use for them!

I live in Edinburgh (Scotland), very close to Portobello beach.
Portobello beach is half fine sand and half rocky wharfs. I’ve collected some exceptionally looking stones during low tides. I’ve also found beautiful driftwood pieces and shells.

Low tide Portobello Beach

Beach Stones

But what to make with pebbles and stones?

 I used to put them in the garden or in the flower pots, but these days I treat them mostly as a part of the decor
Pebbles and stones make for a very cheap and charming decor. You can collect quirky ones and leave them as they are, or you can use them to make fun crafts.

Because I love succulents and cactuses, I wanted to make fun pebble cacti.
Even though succulents and cacti are so easy to keep, I still manage to kill them from time to time (yes, I shamefully admit that I have dead cacti on my murderous account!).
But with pebble cactuses, you can’t go wrong, right? 🙂

To make pebble cacti you will need:

– pebbles (15, 20 or more)
– small, pointed brushes (5 or 6, different sizes & shapes)
– small decorative pots
– acrylic paints (green, yellow, pink, red, white, black)
– glass container (optional)
– water (optional)
– scissors (optional)
– dry cloth (optional)

How to make pebble cacti


Wash pebbles and let them air dry.
Fill small pots with random pebbles (around 3/4 of the pot needs to be filled with small stones) and then choose pebbles that will be your cactuses.
Choose from different shapes and sizes, to make it more interesting and versatile. Arrange them, so they can stand straight in a pot. You can rearrange rest of the small rocks to make room for your ‘cacti’.

DIY Painted Rock Cactus

Choose brown and yellow pebbles to create ‘desert ground’ (or you can paint them brown and yellow later).
If you’re happy with the whole arrangement, it’s time to start painting.
Choose different shades of green for each pebble, have fun with colors!
Remember, acrylic paints don’t like water. If you want to clean your brush between painting, dip it into the water-filled jar or clean it under running water, but dry it throughout with the dry cloth later.
Leave rocks to dry and add another coat if needed.

DIY Painted Stone Cactus
Choose small, pointed brushes to paint thorns (you can make dots or small crosses).
Use as small and sharp-pointed brushes as possible. My were not as pointy and it was very hard to make precise strokes (they were getting smudged every time). If your brush is too wide, use small scissors to cut the tip and make it more pointed. You can paint cacti flowers at the top or on the side of each pebble.
Always leave stones to air dry before adding new layer of paint.

Cactuses made from painted stones

You can rearrange pebbles as you like. You can change scenery and fill pots with sand.

Pebble cacti

Pebble cacti look great on desks and bookshelves.
You can also make smiling cactuses for kiddos room.

Painted rock cactuses

I love boho and desert style interior design: colorful textiles, accent pillows, desert plants and white walls. What I like the most about desert style is that it makes home feel airy and not cluttered despite added decorations.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tutorial 🙂
Happy crafting!


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DIY pebble cactus

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