Low FODmap chicken bites.

Low FODmap chicken bites.

Low FODmap chicken
Cornflakes crusted chicken nuggets.
Easy to make low FODmap chicken bites 🙂

Breaded chicken is one of my all time favorites!
Unfortunately, breadcrumbs are not allowed on low Fodmap diet.
You can use gluten free crumbs, but they won’t be as crispy. If you want crispness, corn flake crumbs are the way to go! It’s a win-win: your chicken will be extra crispy and IBS friendly at the same time.These chicken dippers work great as a light party snack. I hope you’ll enjoy this easy recipe, as much as I do.

Low FODmap chicken bites.

Please note: you don’t have to buy corn flake crumbs, you can simply crush cornflakes. Remember to use gluten free ones. Some of the brands use gluten in their flakes, and therefore they may not be suitable for IBS sufferers.



– gluten free corn flake crumbs or cornflakes (cup)
– fragrance free coconut oil for greasing (one tablespoon)
– pepper, paprika, salt (half a teaspoon each)
– chicken breasts cut into cubes (500g)
– one large beaten egg


You can buy gluten free corn flake on Amazon:

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If you’re using corn flakes, put them in a sealable plastic bag and seal it tight.
Crush them using wooden roller. Cut chicken breasts into cubes. In a small bowl, beat one large egg & add spices. Dip chicken chunks into the mixture and then put them in a bowl filled with crushed cornflakes or corn flake crumbs.
Coat chicken pieces in flakes thoroughly.
Put coated chunks on a previously greased baking tray and bake for around 20-25 minutes on 200° Celsius (170° C for fan assisted ovens), or 392° Fahrenheit (338° for fan assisted ovens).

Low FODmap chicken bites

Turn nuggets halfway through baking. Make sure they’re crisp and thoroughly cooked before serving.


Low FODmap chicken bites



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Low FODmap chicken recipe. Corn flakes crusted chicken nuggets.

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