Low FODmap sugar substitutes and ultimate Low FODmap sugar guide.

Low FODmap sugar substitutes and ultimate Low FODmap sugar guide.

Low FODmap sugar substitutes and ultimate Low FODmap sugar guide. Can I eat sugar on low Fodmap diet

Can you have sugar on low fodmap diet ?

The first question you probably want to ask is: Can I eat sugar on low Fodmap diet?
Well, the answer is yes!
If you just have been diagnosed, it’s probably better to stay away from sugar for a while, but overall, small quantities (1 tablespoon per serving) of white sugar are allowed on low fodmap diet. I, personally, had never had any problems with consuming white sugar is small quantities. I only skipped it during flare-ups and at the beginning of the elimination diet.

What you may want to remember is, that there’s a difference between natural sugar and refined sugar! Refined sugar is heavily processed and may cause upset stomach symptoms in a lot of patients. You may react differently to drinking tea with one teaspoon of natural sugar, than to eating a donut covered in refined icing sugar. In a nutshell: the less processed sugar the better!

List of sugars allowed on Low FODmap diet
(1 tablespoon or less per serving):

– cane sugar (sucrose)
– table sugar (sucrose)
– brown sugar (sucrose and molasses)
– palm sugar
– beet sugar
– coconut sugar (in small quantities)

Please remember, use all sugars in small quantities. All excess sugar is considered bad when you’re on low FODmap diet.


Low FODmap sugar substitutes:


– stevia
– aspartame
– saccharin
-Sucralose or Splenda (small quantities)


– 100% pure maple syrup (without high-fructose corn syrup addition)
– 100% pure corn syrup (without high-fructose addition)
– cane syrup
– rice malt syrup
– golden syrup (only half a tablespoon is considered low fodmap)
– glucose syrup


Not tested yet / no clear answer as for now :

Can I eat dextrose on low FODmap diet?

Eating dextrose is a tricky one! Although it’s simply a crystalline glucose and it’s often considered safe, some patients may suffer from dextrose intolerance.
Dextrose can be found in starchy foods recommended for IBS sufferers (like potatoes), but it can also be found in store-bought processed foods (like cakes). You may find amounts of dextrose in cakes intolerable and let’s not forget that processed foods are considered big irritants too. Even if you tolerate dextrose in cakes and pastries, please, beware of store-bought confectionery foods that contain combination of sugars and sugar substitutes. If cake contains combination of dextrose and fructose (which is considered high fodmap), you’ll probably trigger your symptoms.

Can I eat molasses on low FODmap diet?

They contain more fructose than glucose, so they may cause digestive problems in irritable bowel syndrome patients.

Can I eat invert sugar on low FODmap diet?

Some invert sugars (like honey or more than half tablespoon of golden syrup) will cause problems (especially in patients with fructose intolerance). Some jams (with little amount of fructose) may be suitable for IBS sufferers.


High fodmap sugars and sugar substitutes:

– fructose and fruit sugar
Found in fruit (for example: apples, cherries, watermelon) and fruit juices.
 Read more about low fodmap fruits and vegetables.
It is also found in dried fruit, honey, soft drinks, in high fodmap vegetables (asparagus, beans, broccoli), sweet wines and whole meal products.

– polyols
Don’t use sugar sweeteners ending with –ol! They are called POLYOLS and can cause a diarrhea and tummy pain. Polyols are usually added to “sugar free” products (sodas, sweets), so watch out for those! Popular polyols (amongst others): maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol, isomalt, xylitol.

– agave syrup
– yacon yrup
-high fructose maple syrup
-high fructose corn syrup


Final thoughts:

Please remember (I can’t stress that enough!), low fodmap foods (especially sugars) may become high fodmap when consumed in large quantities. One tablespoon (or less) per serving is recommended dose
This may vary from patient to patient. For example, if you’re suffering from sugar malabsorption (therefore, sugars are your biggest trigger), use all sugars and sugar substitutes with caution. You can use less than the recommended dose or stop using sugar for the time being (at least until you have your symptoms under control). Always use less than recommended, if you’re testing new product or brand (just to be on the safe side).


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Low FODmap sugar substitutes and ultimate Low FODmap sugar guide. Can I have sugar on low fodmap diet ?

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