Can I eat chocolate on a low FODmap diet?

Can I eat chocolate on a low FODmap diet?

 Is chocolate low FODmap?

I know what you’re thinking… Well, I think I have an inkling 🙂
Chocolate contains sugar & lactose, so it must be a no no.
It’s not exactly true. As always when it comes to IBS, there are variety of factors to consider. For example:
– amount you eat.
– type of chocolate.
– how you’re currently feeling


Technically, you’re allowed from 3 to 5 chocolate squares per serving. If you’re suffering from flare up, or going through elimination phase, skip eating chocolate or eat as little as possible. During reintroduction phase, be sure to check if chocolate is your irritant.

Let’s assume that chocolate is not your biggest irritant, or that you want to reintroduce it into your menu (or experiment with eating various chocolate treats). If that’s the case, what chocolate can you safely eat while on low FODmap diet?

To make chocolate as IBS friendly as possible:

Avoid chocolates containing fructose, polyols and inulin.
(Please read : Low FODmap sugar substitutes and ultimate Low FODmap sugar guide.)
Choose chocolates containing 65% – 90% of cocoa. They contain smaller amount of sugar and lactose.
– Eat limited amount of white and milk chocolate.
– Choose lactose free/coconut milk chocolate.
– Buy organic & high quality products, when possible.
– Try reduced fat chocolate.
– Skip chocolate bars containing honey, dried fruits and alcohol.
– Feel free to buy bars containing oats, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and nuts (avoid cashews, pistachios; go easy on almonds & hazelnuts).
– Beware of soy lecithin as one of the ingredients. You need to test it on yourself.  Technically, it’s low fodmap, but it’s a big irritant for me, personally.
– Eat ‘pure’ chocolate when possible. Chocolate cakes & muffins often contain other high fodmap ingredients (like wheat and preservatives) you won’t find in ‘pure’ chocolate bars.
– Try coconut milk popsicles covered in dark chocolate and rice milk puddings with low fodmap chocolate sauces.
– Always cautiously test new chocolate treats before indulging.

When reintroducing foods to your diet, always start with small amounts. Make trails every few days, to make sure you’re not reacting to the sample of the food you ate the day before. Start with eating 3 chocolate squares from each chocolate type once every few days and go from there.

Be brave, test new foods and enjoy your desserts! 🙂


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Can I eat chocolate on a low FODmap diet?

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