The best sweet low FODmap waffles – rich, crispy & fluffy.

Low fodmap waffles recipe. Gluten free waffles. The best sweet Low Fodmap waffles- rich, crispy & fluffy! Gluten free & lactose free.

They may not be the best looking waffles you’ve seen, but they are for sure the fluffiest & crispiest gluten-free waffles I’ve ever tasted!

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Now on to the recipe…


-gluten free cocoa mix (reduced sugar)
-lactose free cow milk/ coconut milk 150 ml, (as coconut milk is more watery, you can use less: 80-100 ml).
– gluten free corn flour 100 g
-gluten free oat flour 130 g (you can make your own; just put oats into the food processor and blend them until they’re finely grounded)
-gluten free rice flour 25g
– 1 ripe banana – mashed (more than one ripe banana may trigger IBS symptoms)
– 2 or 3 whisked eggs
– coconut oil for greasing waffle iron plates (one/two teaspoons)
– pinch (or 2) of stevia or 2 (max 3) teaspoons of sugar or one tablespoon of glucose syrup
– water 150 ml
– 1 or 2 tablespoons of gluten free, reduced sugar chocolate sauce (optional)
– icing sugar (not refined, optional)

*Please note: some rice and corn flours are gluten free by default, so make sure you read the label. For example: all rice flours in my supermarket are gluten free, even though they’re on the shelf amongst regular flour, not in the ‘gluten free’ section.

Low fodmap waffles recipe. Gluten free waffles.


In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients until your mixture gets smooth and creamy. You can use electric mixer. You can squeeze one tablespoon of chocolate sauce into the batter. Please remember, consistency of the mixture should resemblance pancake mix (may be a bit thicker).

Low fodmap waffles recipe. Gluten free waffles.

Grease waffle plates and preheat them. Use a ladle to transfer batter from the bowl into hot plates. Pour it slowly and spread it gently across the plates. Cook waffles until they’re golden brown (a bit longer than regular waffles). They should be crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
Sprinkle icing sugar or chocolate sauce on top of the pancakes and enjoy!

Low fodmap waffles recipe. Gluten free waffles.

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Low fodmap waffles recipe. Gluten free waffles.

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