Low FODmap lasagna

Low FODmap lasagna.
Low FODmap lasagna

Gluten free and fodmap friendly recipe.

Serves 6.

Despite popular opinion, it’s very easy to make low fodmap lasagna. You only need to switch few (easy to buy) ingredients to make it IBS friendly.

You can make sauces from the scratch, or use store bought, gluten free ones. If you would like to make your own, check out my recipes below the ingredients list. If you’re planning to buy, choose gluten free  & lactose free sauces, without garlic and onion.

Low FODmap lasagna.


– gluten free lasagna sheets (around 6 sheets)
– beef mince 450g (if beef triggers your symptoms, use turkey or lamb mince instead)
-skinless, chopped cocktail tomatoes ( I left the skin, but it triggers IBS symptoms in some patients) – packet or small can 250g
– fresh & chopped coriander (handful)
– fresh chopped basil (handful)
– lactose and gluten free white lasagna sauce ( you can make your own, you’ll find recipe below) 470 ml
– gluten free tomato lasagna sauce (recipe below) 470 ml
– cheese 250g of lactose free cheese or some kind of hard cheese (like Gouda or Parmesan)
-spices (use low fodmap spice mix, or sprinkle meat with hot paprika, coarse pepper, salt and some dried herbs)
– olive or rapeseed oil (3 tablespoons)
– one gluten free vegetable or chicken stock cube

Low FODmap lasagna.


If you prefer to make your own sauces…

—-Low fodmap white lasagna sauce recipe (gluten free) —-

-olive spread, goats butter or regular butter (if you react to it well) 80-100 g
– gluten free plain flour or rice flour
– lactose free milk 500-700 ml

Melt butter or olive spread in a saucepan. Slowly (bit by bit) stir in gluten free or rice flour and cook for 3 minutes stirring continuously. Whisk in lactose free milk and bring mixture to the boil while stirring. Turn down heat to minimum and cook until sauce is thick and creamy. Add more flour, butter or milk to achieve desired thickness. Just keep an eye on your sauce during cooking and adjust measurements if needed.


—Low fodmap salsa / tomato sauce recipe (gluten free)—

Low FODmap lasagna.

– chopped skinless tomatoes from a can 500 ml
– mix of dried herbs (one tablespoon)
– olive oil (one tablespoon)
– water (optional, 50ml, if sauce gets to thick)
– *if you can handle acidic ingredients without triggering symptoms, add splash of lime or vinegar to taste*

Mix all the ingredients in the food processor, until you get thick, chunky mixture.


Now,back to the lasagna recipe…

Low FODmap lasagna.


Drizzle pan with olive or rapeseed oil, hot it, add minced beef and cook it till it’s browned. Add spices, give it a good stir, add chopped tomatoes, coriander, basil and salsa sauce. Mix it all well. Resolve one stock cube in 300 ml of boiling water and start pouring broth into the pan. Amount of broth depends on the desired thickness of your sauce. Add at least 150 ml of broth. Give it a stir and cook it on a small fire for about 30 minutes (or until sauce gets thick and creamy).
Preheat oven to 200°C (180°C for fan assisted ovens).
Spread thick layer of cooked minced salsa beef at the bottom of the oven proof dish, place gluten free pasta sheets on top of it, and spread thick layer of white lasagna sauce. Another layer of beef goes on top of that, and so on & on. Sprinkle last layer of pasta sheets (covered with white sauce) with grated cheese, you can add some more spices too.  Put it into the oven for about 45 minutes or until cheese is bubbly.

Low FODmap lasagna.

Bon appetit! 🙂

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Low FODmap lasagna. Easy gluten free recipe.

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