10 best products for treating IBS.

Best products for treating IBS.

Managing IBS can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re at the beginning of a treatment
(I certainly remember how confused and angry I felt!). That’s why I decided to prepare the roundup of products that will help you on your healing journey.

Our digestive symptoms are complicated. We’ve got 300 to 500 bacterial species living in our guts!
Unfortunately, our current life styles and diets don’t support rightly our gut flora.
We damage super-friendly bacteria with food, medicine, lack of exercise and stress.
Although life style & diet changes are always highly recommended if you’re suffering from IBS, probiotics and herbal medicine can become the long-awaited relief that puts you back on track.

Please remember, taking food supplements & probiotics is not forever! It’s a temporary help until your digestive system works properly again. Always carefully read the label and don’t exceed the dose of any dietary supplements. You can combine taking antispasmodic medicine, probiotics and drinking herbal teas, but please, take one course of probiotics at a time. You can repeat treatment after few months (if necessary), or try another brand (preferably containing the different strain of bacteria).
If unsure, consult your doctor.

Here’s the list of 10 best food supplements to try if you’re suffering from irritable bowel syndrome:

SYMPROVE probiotic

Digestive Enzymes

Peppermint Oil Capsules

KIJIMEA IBS-medicinal food


Digestive Advantage Probiotic capsules

Accord IBS Relief -Probiotic Anti-Stress Supplement

Nutra Life Gut Relief – dietary supplement

Organic Fennel Tea

Buscopan-Antispasmodic tablets



Best products for treating IBS

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