How to improve your digestive system in 5 easy steps.

How to improve your digestive system in 5 easy steps.

If you’re not suffering from a complicated digestive condition, it is quite easy to improve how your digestive tract works. Few simple tweaks can make a world of a difference!

Changes I would like to suggest are easy to sneak into a busy daily schedule and can significantly improve your health.

If you have digestive tract related disease, always consult your doctor before making changes to your diet and lifestyle.

How to improve your digestive system in 5 easy steps.

-Take probiotics
They help ‘good bacteria’ in your gut thrive. Good bacteria are the key to our digestion and overall health. When taking supplements, always look for multiple bacteria strains. Probiotic yogurts and yogurt drinks may come up short, so if you want a proper shot of good old bacteria – try something more ‘complicated’ (like

Symprove Mango and Passion Fruit Drink).

-Drink plenty of water
It flushes down the toxins and helps with digestion (it helps break down the food).
Always have a bottle when you’re on and about.
Sip water whenever you can. It will make you hydrated, invigorated and overall, less hungry!

– Chew slowly
Chew slowly and enjoy your food. Take small bites. They will be much easier to digest.

– Exercise
Movements massage your gut.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to run a marathon! If you’re super-busy, exercise 5-10 minutes a day. Over time, you’ll see the difference!

-Eat lots of vegetables.  
They help with digestion just as much as water does. Eating greens daily can help you maintain regularity. Sneak vegetables in wherever you can (sauces, snack plates, smoothies).
Don’t go overboard, though. 5 portions a day is a recommended dose of fruit and veg.
Always balance greens, grains, meats, soluble and insoluble fiber. Too much of the ‘good stuff’ can have the reverse effect on the digestive system (it can cause diarrhea and bloating).

Here’s the list of foods that help with bowel movements  and 10 best products for treating IBS.

Good luck! 


How to improve your digestive system in 5 easy steps.


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