Mixed herbs for digestion. 4 easy recipes.

Herbs for digestion.

Herbs for digestion. 4 easy to make herb mix recipes. Low fodmap, gluten free, vegan.
Relief for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Suitable for IBS-D and IBS-C sufferers. And they help relieve inflammation, too!

Herbs for digestion.

When creating your herb mixes: 
Use one or two tablespoons of each herb (unless stated otherwise).
Store them in paper bags, small carton boxes or tins. You can put them in decorative, small boxes and gift them as favors.
Use one – three teaspoons for one cup of brew and test what brew strength suits you best.

Herbs for digestion.


 Herbal mix supporting digestion. For IBS-C sufferers.

Mix fennel seeds, mint (dried or fresh, it’s up to you), plantain herb (dried), thyme (dried or fresh), sage (dried and chopped). Store it in a dry, cool place. Drink once daily.
This herb mix has a soothing effect on the digestive system and helps to regulate your bowel movements. It reduces gas, bloating and inflammation (thanks to fennel seeds and thyme). Sage helps to break down the food, so it can be easier digested. Plantain herb is the perfect antidote for constipation. Mint soothes your tummy and prevents heartburn.

Anti-diarrhea herb mix. For IBS-D sufferers.

Mix yarrow herbs and a hint of oak bark. Add mint to taste.
Yarrow herb is one of those wonderful gifts of nature that can help you with almost anything (circulation, colds, wound healing, digestive problems). It’s particularly helpful if you suffer from IBS-D, colitis, and diverticulitis. It helps to heal the digestive tract. Oak bark has anti-diarrhoea and digestive stimulating properties. Mixed together, they may taste bitter; therefore it’s good to combine them with mint.

Laxative tea for IBS-C.

Don’t use it if you suffer from ulcerative colitis or diverticulitis! It has powerful laxative properties.
If you’re experiencing an IBS-C flare up, mix buckthorn bark with a hint of mint or aloe vera.
Buckthorn bark is a powerful laxative, so start with one small teaspoon per cup.
Overall, aloe vera has a soothing effect on the digestive system, but it may trigger unpleasant symptoms in some patient (gas). If unsure, use mint instead.

Nettle and mint tea for overall digestive health.

Nettle supports pancreas, liver, and stomach, that are hard at work all the time! Mint has the soothing effect. Use dried or fresh herbs (finely chopped).
Remeber to store all the herbs in a dry and cool place.



Herbs for digestion.


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