Low Fodmap ‘pumpkin’ ghosts (low fodmap Halloween candy).

Low FODmap halloween candy.

Homemade, low fodmap Halloween candy.
 Easy to make meringue (egg white) cookies.

Have you read my low fodmap candy guide? If the answer is ‘no’, be sure to check it out, as it may clear up what kind of candy is safe to buy for Halloween.
If you want to stick to homemade stuff, you can try my easy to make meringue ghosts.
To make them more quirky, you can add some food coloring; choose green for franken-ghosts, purple for Halloween-ghosts, and orange for pumpkin-ghosts. You can, of course, stay true to the tradition and make classic white ghosts. They are just as cute!
I decided to make funny & gawky pumpkin ghosts. Oh, and they are gluten-free, too!



-3 egg whites
-a drop of orange food coloring (sugar based, without fructose syrup & inulin)
-pinch of salt
-1 chocolate square
Please note: you can use dark chocolate, low fodmap chocolate substitute, or reduced sugar milk chocolate. The total amount of chocolate used in this recipe (around 10 % of the 1 chocolate square!) is so small, that it shouldn’t cause any digestive problems. If in doubt, stay with an option you know is safe for you, or read more about chocolate and low fodmap diet here: Can I eat chocolate on a low FODmap diet?
– 1 or 2 tablespoons of sugar

Please note: 1 tablespoon of sugar per serving is low fodmap.
Because you will get the whole tray of cookies from just 3 egg whites, it’s safe to add 2 tablespoons of sugar. You can also use a pinch of stevia or aspartame, instead of sugar. To learn what other sugar substitutes you can add, please read my low fodmap sugar guide.

Low FODmap halloween candy.


Throw egg whites into a medium-sized bowl. Start beating them using an electric mixer. While doing that, slowly add sugar, then a drop of food coloring and a pinch of salt. Beat egg whites until they’re very fluffy (they should triple in size). Make sure they’re firm, before scooping them with the spoon onto the baking tray lined with baking parchment. Leave around 5 cm space between cookies. Use a spoon or spatula to form ghost shapes. Preheat oven to 100 degrees Celsius and bake your cookies for 60 to 120 minutes (at 100 or 110°C). The secret is to make them dry and crunchy on the inside. Keep a close eye on them, so they won’t burn. You can taste one cookie halfway through baking, to check if the inside is getting crunchy.
When they’re  ready, leave them to cool off.

Next, throw chocolate square into a mixing bowl and put it on top of a saucepan half-filled with water.
The base of the bowl should not touch the water! Make sure to choose bowl big enough to fit on top of the saucepan or pot.
Simmer water for several minutes and wait until chocolate melts.

Low FODmap halloween candy.

Use a toothpick (or a wooden chopstick) to transfer chocolate and paint ghost faces on top of each cookie.

Low FODmap halloween candy.

Leave them to cool off, serve and enjoy!

Low FODmap halloween candy.

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Low FODmap halloween candy.


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