Candy corn squash – Fall craft idea.

Spray-painted candy corn squash! Easy to make Autumn craft.

Candy corn squash - Fall craft idea

I love everything Fall and everything pumpkin (on a plate and as a decor!). Every year I do some heavy, pumpkin-related crafting and decorating.

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This year I wanted to try something a little bit different, so I’ve found medium-sized, lovely looking squash and decided to turn it into a candy corn. Squash seems more suitable shape-wise, but you can use pumpkin as well.

Candy corn squash - Fall craft idea

– medium-sized squash or pumpkin
– yellow spray paint (50 or 100ml)
– white spray paint (50 or 100ml)
– orange spray paint (50 or 100ml)
– painters tape (optional)
– sticky silhouettes (optional)
Please note: if you’re using a pumpkin, you can skip orange-colored spray. On the other hand, orange paint will make the whole gourd look more candy-like.

All you have to do is spray-paint white, orange, and yellow stripes (respectively) on a gourd surface. Make sure to hold the can at least 10 cm from the squash, to avoid nasty paint stains.

Candy corn squash - Fall craft idea

Candy corn squash - Fall craft idea
You can make boundaries between colors more blurry (by spraying thin layers of paint and letting them gently overlap each other), or more pronounced (by separating desired areas using painters tape, or using thicker layers and letting paint bleed a bit).

Candy corn squash - Fall craft idea

I decided to spray-paint without using any silhouettes, but you can spray-paint candy corn-colored shapes, as well!

Candy corn squash - Fall craft idea

Tips to make your squash/pumpkin look more quirky:
– use ‘glow in the dark’ spray paint for at least one stripe
– attach googly eyes to it
– spray paint the whole candy corn family (from small, twisted gourds to giant pumpkins)

I love candy corn color palette!

I love candy corn color palette!
Happy crafting!

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