How to determine what your gut really needs?

How to determine what your gut really needs?

How to determine what your gut really needs?

Please remember, everyone has a unique microbiome. Something that helped your friend may be useless to you, as you need another kind of bacteria. There’s, of course, an idea of what strains of bacteria we all need in our digestive tracts, and what kind of bacteria are most helpful when treating IBS (Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium), but there’s no way of prescribing ‘spot on’ treatment without checking the content of the bowel. Usually, IBS diagnosis is based on a quick chat about patient’s lifestyle and eliminating other possible conditions (like gut inflammation).
I think we can all agree, that prescribing anything based on lifestyle questions is a gamble.

What to do, then? 

Assuming that tests have eliminated any other possible condition (and that’s extremely important step!), you can :

Take CSA test Comprehensive Stool Analysis test
It will help you determine what kind of bacteria your guts really need.

-Ask qualified dietician.
Dieticians can help you determine your needs based on their extensive knowledge and detailed questions about your eating habits and lifestyle (not generalized GP survey).

There’s a lot you can do even without taking a test or hiring a dietitian. To learn more, please read my next post about approaching IBS differently & creating IBS toolkit.


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How to determine what your gut really needs?

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