Probiotics and low FODmap diet – do I need to do both?

Probiotics and low FODmap diet.

Combining probiotics and a low FODmap diet.

Probiotics and low FODmap diet – do I need to do both?

The short answer is: yes.
Taking probiotics and eating high fodmap foods doesn’t make sense (especially, if you’re just starting your IBS journey).
It’s like putting a band-aid on a wound and then taking it off to make the cut even deeper (intense, I know). Taking probiotics will help you alter your gut flora, but without low fodmap diet, bacteria won’t be able to multiply and thrive. You will destroy them (or at least make their job much harder) before they can help you. Eating low fodmap while on probiotic treatment makes all the sense in the world!

To help your probiotic do a proper work, please observe these few rules:

– Choose probiotic that is designed especially for treating IBS.

It’s worth to mention, that some probiotics are high FODmap!
Make sure to choose probiotics designed especially for people with IBS, as some probiotics may contain ‘the good bacteria’ (Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium), as well as high FOdmap ingredients (like inulin or lactose). Taking it would be counterproductive, to say the least.
Probiotic that helped me? Symprove! It contains all the good bacteria, it’s low fodmap and it’s very convenient to use. Click here to find out more: Symprove explained.

– Take probiotic as instructed by the retailer or doctor.

 Don’t let the way you take or store probiotics, affect your treatment!
Don’t take them with hot foods and drinks, as hot temperatures may destroy the good bacteria. Give your probiotic at least 30 minutes to reach the gut (and start the work), before indulging in hot beverages and foods.
Don’t store them in high temperatures (especially if they’re in the liquid form!).
Make sure to always read the leaflet and follow all the instructions. Read more interesting information on how to take probiotics: here.

– Combine probiotics with prebiotics (that’s when the diet really comes in!)

Prebiotics help the good bacteria in your gut thrive. You don’t necessarily have to take prebiotic dietary supplements. Buckwheat, unripe bananas, red cabbage, and kiwi fruit are the great source of prebiotics in food.

Here’s easy to make buckwheat pasta bake recipe:  IBS friendly pasta bake recipe.


To maximize your chances of an effective treatment, take it easy during that important time!
Be kind to yourself, meditate when you can, try to eat regularly and have some good old fashion fun outside (playing with the kids in the garden will do).

Good luck! 🙂


Disclaimer: I received Symprove for free, all opinions are my own.

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Probiotics and low FODmap diet.

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