Low FODmap butternut squash fries.

Low FODmap butternut squash fries.

Spicy butternut squash fries recipe. This recipe is low fodmap and gluten-free.

Ah, fries….


One of the best fast foods! As you probably already know, you’re not allowed to eat deep fried foods on a low fodmap diet, but fear not! You can still enjoy french fries.

Tips to make french fries low fodmap:

-Bake them in the oven.
Deep-fried foods are a no-no, but you can take a chance with baked goods. You can make your own or eat store-bought. If you plan to buy them in a store, make sure that potatoes and oil (or olive oil) are the only ingredients. You don’t want any nasty additives in your fries. Natural spices (like paprika, pepper) and herbs are ok, too.
-Remeber, quantity counts!
If you plan to eat fries or wedges, eat a small amount. Although potatoes are technically low fodmap, eating too much of them may cause bloating. Sadly, potatoes are not as easily digestible as other vegetables, so please- be sensible.

-Make a switch to other veggies.
Make fries from parsnips, butternut squash, turnips or zucchini! Today, I’m going to show you how to make easy butternut fries. Please, always check serving sizes, first. Too much of butternut squash can be high fodmap.

Low fodmap butternut squash fries

What I like about this recipe is the sweet-spicy combination of butternut squash and cayenne pepper!

Serves 4.
Eat one small cup of butternut squash fries per serving. Check out Monash app for more info.


-medium-sized butternut squash
-8 tablespoons of olive or rapeseed oil
-cayenne pepper (1-2 tablespoons)
-a small cup of grated Parmesan
Please note: this amount of Parmesan should not make any IBS-related damage, but if you’re unsure, skip this ingredient, or use lactose-free cheese (or any other previously tested and proved cheese).



Wash, peel, and cut in half your medium-sized butternut squash. Scoop out the seeds and slice squash into french fry shapes. One fry should be around 1 cm thick. Brush baking parchment (or baking tray) with olive or rapeseed oil. Place fries on the baking sheet (or tray) and brush them with some oil, too. Bake them on the bottom shelf at 200 °C  (392 °F) for fan assisted ovens, or at 220 °C  (428 °F) for ovens without a fan. After 15 to 20 minutes, sprinkle them with cayenne pepper, reduce heat by 15 degrees and return them to the oven for further 15 -20 minutes. Fries are done when edges are starting to turn brown.

Transfer fries onto the plates, sprinkle them with Parmesan, serve and enjoy!

Low FODmap butternut squash fries.

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Low FODmap butternut squash fries.

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