Low fodmap candy

Low fodmap candy.

Low fodmap candy – the ultimate guide.
And other treats you can eat on low fodmap diet.

Halloween is getting closer and that means sugar time! Halloween and Christmas can be especially stressful for fodmapers as we all want to indulge and have fun during festivities.
Simple ‘I can’t eat that’ won’t cut it during Holidays.
So what to do? And what candy can you eat on a low fodmap diet, if any?

The first question you probably want to ask is: is sugar low fodmap?
The short answer is yes!
So far, so good! But let’s look into it!

Small quantities (1 tablespoon per serving) of white sugar are allowed on low fodmap diet. Remember to choose treats containing natural sugar, as refined sugars are heavily processed and considered high fodmap (and very unhealthy). You can treat yourself to cane sugar (one tablespoon or less per serving) and Sucralose, too. Molasses may be potentially problematic as they contain more fructose (high fodmap) than glucose (low fodmap).

To learn more about sugars, please read my low fodmap sugar guide:

Low FODmap sugar substitutes and ultimate Low FODmap sugar guide.

The other question you probably want to ask is: is chocolate low fodmap?


Technically, you’re allowed from 3 to 5 chocolate squares per serving, but some patients are especially sensitive to chocolaty treats. It’s a matter of testing, really. You simply need to test what type of chocolate is best for you. Not the worst test, if you ask me. 😉
If you’re lucky, you’ll be allowed to eat most of them. If not, fear not! There’s still a lot for you to indulge in (see ‘What should I buy, then?’ section below). You may even discover your new favorites.

To learn more about eating chocolate while on low fodmap diet, click here:

Can I eat chocolate on a low FODmap diet?

What should I buy, then?

The best idea (especially if you’re new to low fodmap diet) is to write high fodmap sugars/ingredients down and bring the list with you when you shop. Read the labels to find suitable candy and give it a go!! So, what to look for when reading labels…

High fodmap ingredients to avoid:

-dried fruits
-high fructose syrup (HFCS)
–polyols ( sweeteners ending with –ol; for example maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol, isomalt, xylitol)
– agave syrup
– yacon syrup
-high fructose maple syrup
-high fructose corn syrup

How to read the labels?

Label examples. What is low fodmap?

Smooth peanut butter.

low fodmap peanut butter

All ingredients here are low fodmap.

Classic milk chocolate.

Is chocolate low fodmap?

It looks promising. Whey powder and milk powder might trigger tummy upset, but if you mind the amount (no more than 3 to 5 squares per serving ), it should be fine (unless sugar triggers your symptoms no matter the amount).

Gluten-free cookie mix (Betty Crocker).

Low fodmap cookie mix.

Xanthan gum and dextrose are low fodmap. Milk chocolate chips amount is within low fodmap limits. Soy and milk solids in chocolate chips may be potentially problematic, but as choco chips are not the main ingredient here, I would give this cookie mix a go.

Bounty spread with coconut flakes.

Is coconut low fodmap?

Desiccated coconut is considered low fodmap up to 1/4 a cup, so it may become problematic if consumed in large quantities. Milk powder, almond & hazelnut traces may trigger your symptoms. Hazelnuts and almonds are considered low fodmap up to 10 pieces. Almonds are triggers for some no matter the amount. Maltodextrin is a broad term and may not be low fodmap as such. It may be produced from corn, rice, potato starch or wheat ( labels never state that clearly). It’s always a gamble to try products containing Maltodextrin. Because sugar amount is not shown here, too, it may be the straw that breaks camel’s back. I would pass on that one. If you decide to try it, start small (not more than a teaspoon per serving).

Chocolate-vanilla Madeira cake.

Is cake low fodmap?

Contains wheat flour and fructose syrup for starters. Raising agents, emulsifiers and acidity regulators may contribute to digestive upset, too. This cake is clearly heavily processed. It’s a no-no.

What other baking goods and desserts can I eat on a low fodmap diet? More examples and recipes.

Please remember: all access sugar is considered bad when you’re on a low fodmap diet. Keep it in mind when you bake.

Here are some examples of desserts and baking goods you can indulge in:

3 ingredient homemade microwave energy bars (click the links for the recipes)

The best sweet low FODmap waffles – rich, crispy & fluffy.

Low FODmap ice cream recipe. Coconut milk & berry popsicles.

Store bought:

-lactose-free & reduced sugar puddings
-energy bars with oats, bananas & stevia
-lactose-free oatmeal desserts (without the honey and polyols)
-reduced sugar, gluten-free &lactose-free trifle
– sugar-free or reduced sugar strawberry/blueberry/raspberry jello (without polyols)
-coconut ice cream (in moderation)
-gluten-free cupcakes, cookies, and cakes (reduced sugar, no honey, and polyols)
-gluten-free pastries (watch out for lactose, excess sugar and fruits; no apples & mangos, if possible)
-egg whites cookies (Halloween recipe coming soon)
-gluten-free carrot cupcakes/cake
-gluten-free beet sugar cookies (in moderation)

Happy Munching! 🙂

IBS general info: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) 

What is a low FODMAP diet?


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Low fodmap candy.

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