Tricks to help digestion. Planning to eat high FODmap? Tips to get through it safely.

Tricks to help digestion.

Tricks to help digestion.
Are you planning to eat something high FODmap at a party? Here are some tips to get through it safely!

At some point, you will start reintroducing high fodmaps. The best way to do it is to test foods in a controlled, deliberate way. Preferably under dietician supervision. But as we all know, life happens.


Parties happen, Halloween and Christmas are upon us. If you’ve got party or family outing coming and you know you will eat high fodmap foods, there are few ways to ‘soften the blow’.
Here are 3 helpful tricks to help with digestion (including ‘Trojan horse’ trick!).

Trick no 1. – ‘Trojan horse trick’.

It may be useful for IBS-d sufferers!
Eat soluble fiber foods, to help food pass smoothly through the digestive system.
In the nutshell: if you’re planning to eat something that’s harder to digest (like a slice of pizza), mix it with soluble fiber to help get things moving.

Soluble fiber foods you can try:
– psyllium husk,
-oat bran,

My top 5 foods helping me with digestive problems:
blueberries, oats and unripe bananas, fresh cucumber, lactose-free yogurts.
(Please note: as every IBS sufferer is different, some of my choices may be bad for you, so please, always test it first!)
Read more about it here: Foods that help bowel movements.

Trick no 2. – Pair food wisely!

Some food pairings are like a recipe for the disaster!
For example, if you eat a beef steak and then a bowl strawberries, you may prepare yourself for bloating and flatulence. Meat takes a lot of time to digest. Fruit will sit on top of the meat inside your bowels, and it will start to ferment (resulting in bloating and gas).

Bad food pairings:
-fruits & meat
-meat & starches
-starches & fruit

Good food pairings:
-meat &vegetables
-starches & vegetables
-fruit & vegetables

Low fodmap vegetables are like the little black dress- they go with everything!
You can pair them with meat, starches, and fruit (hello salads!).
Remember to sneak in veggies wherever you can. You can safely eat cucumbers, lettuce, kale, pumpkin, zucchini, and tomatoes.
If you’re suffering from IBS-c, stick to small, cooked portions of vegetables. You can also sneak few vegetables into other dishes (like potato bake, gluten-free pasta bake, potato mash etc.).

Example recipes:
IBS friendly pasta bake recipe.

Rosemary mashed potatoes.

Zucchini Boats.

Trick no 3. – Drink low fodmap fluids.

These include:
-water (duh!)
-fennel tea (it has mild laxative properties)
-dill tea (helps with regular bowel movements, can provide relief from diarrhea and constipation)
-dandelion root tea (relives symptoms of heartburn)

Read more about low fodmap teas here:
Best teas to drink for IBS.

To sum it up:
If you decide to indulge this festive season, remember not to go too crazy with high fodmap foods. Also, always keep antispasmodic medicine in your purse (you can set an alarm on your phone and take it 30 minutes before main meals; please, always read the leaflet first).

Good luck and happy munching!



IBS general info: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) 

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Tricks to help digestion.

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